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Red of course!

Chicken Pot Pies or Taquitos?

Chocolate Milk or Hot chocolate?
Chocolate Milk! I love it!!!

Pine Cones or Street Cones?
Pine Cones

Mortal Kombat or streetfighter
Street Fighter

Left testicle/ovary
Right testicle/ovary
Left testy.

Be a dinosaur or be a caveman?
Be a dinosaur, but one with long arms.

Laptop keyboard or desktop keyboard?
Preferably keyboard, but as long as it doesn't collect debris and hair I don't really car.

Hulu or Netflix?

Cookies or Ice cream?

Falling to your death or Flying to your death?
Flying to my death. That sounds more heroic and courageous.

Big Grin or Tongue ?
Big Grin

Being allergic to chocolate or Everything else?
Allergic to chocolate.

Melee weapons or Explosives weapons?
Explosive weapons!

Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny?
Bugs Bunny.

Christmas or Halloween?
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