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Being a bear. I always wanted to try out hibernation.

Learning all knowledge from the internet but not being able to go outside or learning everything without internet access but you can wherever you want?
Being a bear Being batman or Doctor who?
Eating your mom or pooping out your fat uncle?
.... wat.

Pooping out my fat uncle, because he was digested in my stomach and cut up before he was eaten.
Since AverageGuy didn't post a new question and nearly created a rift in the space time continuim...
Would you rather have to wear 7 bowties for the rest of your life (at all times), or never be able to wear anything on your feet?
7 Bowties.

Listening to any song in 240p quiet and distorted or a 100GB iPod with Dubstep on with top audio quality?
...I'm not going to dignify that with an answer
Never... fucking...dubstep...
Watch the greatest movie ever in 12p (not 120p, 12p) or watching Jack and Jill 3 times in a row in crisp, 1080p?
Greatest movie ever in 12p.

SNES or Sega Genesis? Tongue
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