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(07-03-2012 04:05 PM)Mr.Katana Wrote: [ -> ]Bugs Bunny.

Christmas or Halloween?

Christmas, presents & candy > candy.

Dramatic story (by that I mean like a heart touching story) or Action story?

Create A Forum Story Where Everyone Has Their Own Character,


Create Forum Story Where Everyone Focuses On Main Characters.
One where everyone has their own characters.

A great game with good story or with good graphics?
Good story

Having left right ripped out?
Having right eye ripped out?
My left eye ripped out. My brain pretty much ignores it anyway.

Firefox or Chrome?

Google or Bing?

White or Black?

Up or down?

Rdio or Spotify?

Home Phone or Cell Phone?
Cell phone.

Rock music or rap music?
Rock Music.

Jazz or Heavy Metal?

Hip Hop or R&B?

Gatorade or H2O?
Water sucks! Gatorade is better!

Flip or flop?
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