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Full Version: Xannidel's livestream shenanigans!
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(02-20-2013 11:57 AM)Xannidel Wrote: [ -> ]Okay so my internet is still shit sooo I am just skipping having my friend join me and I am going to fly solo through the Blackwood Estate and I welcome any who are brave enough to join me. I WANT to stream this game on Saturday around 1 or 2 PM EST and I know that will probably interfere with some people and I can't really help that so if there is a better time for you then please let me know.

I did solve the windowed mode dilemma I was having earlier last week so I hope that will make the stream better.

How about you have a friend sitting next to you whilst you play ? That way you don't have to faff around with lag
My friend lives in AL and where I used to live it took like 2 to 3 hours to drive to his house so it would be like 6 or 7 hours so I am going to opt out on doing that for now. It's all good =]
I mean I could use the mic that is on my webcam and have my gf join me but I have no idea if she would really wanna sit with me for over 3 hours playing this game.
Tomorrow at 2:00 PM EST
I will record this as well and upload it on youtube as well.
Stream is up, streaming FTL until 2:05 or so
Gotta give a shout out to Cody for sticking with this as long as I did. This support really helps me out a lot guys.
Need get a pet, and call him Jerry now.
Light I forgot you were there too, he helped me out a few times when I derped at where to go.
I was with you all in spirit. No need to repeat the reason for which I wasn't able to tune in.
It's all good, the video is still on my twitch and I am uploading the whole video on Youtube however I can't seem to edit the video yet so I am hiding the video until I can edit it and then I will makeit public.
All Kappa-facing aside,I found the game to be enjoyable to watch.
[Image: Kreygasm.png] Pretty good game.
I watch Twitch streams all the time so no need for shoutout Big Grin
Meh I give shoutouts to whoever I like XD
Ladies and gentlemen, my internet is fixed!
I did 2 speed tests and here they are:

wireless adapter: ping: 18 ms download: 4.84 upload: 5.11
wired: ping: 13 ms download: 32.87 upload: 5.13

I am so releived to get this issue resolved after 2 years of dealing with wireless!
Party at your house!
This opens up potentially new things I can do with streams, I need to do some tests to see if my friend can get a better video quality via skype and if that happens then there is a chance he may join me.
\[Image: Kreygasm.png]/
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