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Except I really do not have any subscribers lol. But I did do that with Youtube and Facebook.
So this is just a friendly reminder that I am considering streaming soon. I have some games lined up like Space Colony and Dishonored and a few surprises.

I will also be streaming FTL and Binding of Issac (which has a cheat program that allows people to do specific runs so if people got bored of Binding of Issac I can try to do some runs like that.)

I will also take request games from Steam or

Thanks for your time!
[Image: 8zxSz38ADe-2.png]
I am trying to get wired internet up to where I am and I HOPE to get this fixed by tomorrow, had a guy come out to help my mom's trojan riddled computer and he is willing to help me do the cable work WHICH IS AWESOME.

Here is what my internet speed is and please note: I am on the second floor on the opposite side of the house from the router/modem and here was what my speed looked like: [Image: 2420497367.png]
Little update: So I have still not had any word from the fellow coming out to work on my internet so I do not have a clue when I will be able to stream but I do have some games ( and others) in mind to stream.
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Okay I got a call tonight saying that the guy will be here tomorrow, fingers crossed otherwise I will weep silently for the next few nights.
Ok, final update for a while. I have good, great and bad news.

Good News: The guys finally came by and I have a way to hardline my computer to the router from my position on the second floor and on the other side of the house.

Bad News: I need an Ethernet co axle box to use what they installed.

Great News: We might switch from Comcast to AT&T U-verse which would include fiber optics

Needless to say that if we switch from Comcast to ANYTHING then I will be very happy and the inclusion of fiber optics gives me a geek tech stiffy. So that is where things stand ATM, streaming will have to wait until we get more info on this AT&T U-verse.
Fiber optics? I'm mad jelly. Good luck with the possible switching and other stuffs.
Well when our contractor came by to inspect the work they did upstairs he mentioned the AT&T thing and he mentioned the fiber optics, I am unsure how expensive it will be but if it is possible then sign me up! Thanks for that Zali.
Dew it, dew it OK dord

I am also jealous of your fibrous optics. I get bollocks-optics_1.0_netscape_720_quickscope_8999bps crapternet.
So I am thinking about console streaming as well which would open a wider variety of shit I could stream, the problem is that I have no idea what capture device is worth buying. So my question to you all is this, what is a good capture device and is the price REALLY worth it.
Okay so two things:

A) I am not using fiber optics, the guy who came over to help me out said that AT&T Universe is not doing so hot due to random connection drops and stuff like that so we are going to wait a little longer before we make a choice like that. BUT, we did do a little work on my computer and got a USB wireless adapter to pick up a wi-fi extender so I hope that will help and so I will start streaming on Saturday.

B) I want to start using my Facebook page (Yes I am just that much of a loser to make a 'Xannidel Facebook page'
Here is the link:
So please like the page and I will start to use my page instead of bumping this thread, but I will still update this page from time to time.

So that is how things are right now, I will do a test either tomorrow or let the Saturday stream be the test, I am going to see how my voice audio works on a webcam mic instead of my Turtlebeach headset and some other things.

As always I am interested in feedback and any suggestions to what I should stream.
Thanks all!

My bad the link would not work because of the () that I used, I took them out so the link should work.
Streaming around 1 PM EST Please let me know if that time is a bad time and I will see what I can do.
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