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Hey all. since this is a games thread, I've been thinking that we should have a role play game with some of the users (the notion's been mentioned).

The interesting thing is, is that I've never played D&D or any similar games. That means that whatever I come up with will probably not be your bog standard game.

I've been thinking about it.
We can have a group of 5 adventurers and the 1 person who makes the story and does all the numbering.
I have a state-of-the-art number generator (by that I mean a tool I found on Google by typing "random number generator") which I'll call the RNG and have an idea of how stats, items, fights would work:
- Stats decided randomly with certain stats selected by players to have a bonus
- Distances travelled over a grid system with a probability of an encounter multiplied by the RNG
- Level of the encounter determined by an RNG weighted by the luck and level of the group
- Fights based on RNGs plus the stats & weapons used
- Random occurences (traps, chests, NPC encounters) determined by RNG

This is just an idea in it's first stages but I think it'd be fun to play this with a few of you fine people. Feel free to come up with a more official game but I think I'll go through with this.
It'll be fun to have something that's purely imagined rather than following pre-set rules from previous games (though what my ideas are probably quite close)

Let me know what you all think Smile

PS - I'll probably do the storytelling with someone else so that we can come up with a kick-ass questline for those who want to play Cool

Players so far

Story controller

Story consultant

- Arjahn (Arjahn Mjakhim/M/29)

- Bumblebee Cody (Mary "moo" Cow/F/9)

- Mr Katana (Mr. Haseo Katana/M/24)

- Zaliphone (Zaliphone/M/24)

- Damerdar (Alex Starfade/M/22)

Waiting List (in case a character dies)
- Sohakmet
- Nicknclank
- Stan
- Berry
- Moomooman123 (Conditional)

Player Stats
I'm in as an adventurer, what time-set would this take place in, Fantasy D&D times or SciFi? I'm in for either of them, and I do have some light Dungeons and Dragons experience from playing on friday nights with a few friends.
I'll leave the setting up to the people who want to play - might as well make a setting that everyone will enjoy be it fantasy or a historical setting

It can be fantasy or be set in a historical setting.

General fantasy-medieval setting, in-space sci-fi, Edo Japan, Revolutionary France - I can research any period I don't yet know Smile
Cool, I'm thinking of either traditional D&D times, or a Fallout-esque post apocalyptic future where we could have different factions and stuff, but it's up to whoever joins, I'd be fine with anything non-ice cream related.
I've never roleplayed before...how does it work? -feels like a noob-
I'll join if you want someone else in
(07-31-2012 09:50 AM)PikaPikari Wrote: [ -> ]I've never roleplayed before...how does it work? -feels like a noob-

Basically, I'll be telling a story in which you guys take part. You can control everything about you character - name, appearance, etc. - and what your character does at any point when there is something to do.
You essentially have control over your character and I just spin a story around that (and the others).
I also keep a track of stats (health, strength, etc.) for any encounters that occur and use the magic of maths to determine outcomes of events.

For example, if your character is suddenly in the path of a raging bull, you'll be asked what you want to do. You can say whatever you want - dive out of the way (at which point I'll break out the maths and see if you can get out of the way, based on your agility stats), attempt to block the bull (then I'll use your strength stat to calculate if you can block it). Hell, you can say anything you want like "I try to teach it how to speak so we can negotiate his charging habits" (at which point I'll calculate an outcome based on your intelligence levels. I'll say now that whatever number comes out of my random number generator will not make you succeed in teaching it how to speak... it's a bull Big Grin )

When you choose your stats, you'll have the choice to add some points to certain skills so you can tailor your character to your liking. Then along the story, you can collect items to enhance your skills and gain levels to increase them permanently.

Sound good ?

(07-31-2012 10:07 AM)BumblebeeCody Wrote: [ -> ]I'll join if you want someone else in

Awesome, I'll add you to the list Cool
I'll join as well. Hopefully I can follow through all of this mumbo.
I want in so bad that I'm willing to ride a dolphin to the moon to be in.
Added the both of you.
I'll be writing up the rules and whatnot tomorrow (EDIT - Today), then we can get underway Cool
Right !
Here's what I need from you folk to get started

Character info
There are seven major stats
- Strength (how hard you hit)
- Accuracy (how accurately you shoot)
- Endurance (how long you can fight/run/drink without getting tired)
- Agility (how agile you are)
- Luck (just a little something that could change the course of events)
- Intelligence (how intelligent you are. Too low and you won't even be able to speak - like in Fallout Big Grin)
- Stealth (how quietly you can move and how detectable you are)

Each stat will begin on 6.
You have the choice to increase two stats by 4. If you do, you will have to decrease another by 2 for each you increase.
You also have the choice to increase two stats by 2 but will have to decrease another by 1 for each you increase.
To determine your stats, you have two options
1 - Have all stats start at 6 and add/substract the stats you want.
2 - Have all your stats randomly generated from 1 to 11. You will then be able to add and subtract the stats you want as was mentionned above. If you are unhappy with your stats, you may have them randomly generated once more. After this, you must use the stats given.
If you choose the second option, you may not revert back to the first option.

If you choose the first option, your stats are safe.
If you choose the second options, you run the chance of having kick-ass stats (or really sucky ones Big Grin)

You may stack your bonuses on the same stat. However, if you decide to do so, the number you increase by will have to have an equal decrease.
So if you decide to stack both +4s on one stat, you'll have to deduct -6 in total (-2 & -4)
If you decide to stack both +2s on one stat, you'll have to deduct -3 in total (-1 & -2)
If you decide to stack every bonus on one stat, you'll have to deduct the total bonus amount (total bonus = 12, total deductions = 12).
When you stack your bonuses, you are allowed to spread out your deductions on as many other stats as you wish.

Here's an example to illustrate the options

Option 1
Strength – 10 (6 + 4)
Accuracy – 10 (6 + 4)
Endurance – 6
Agility – 4 (6 - 2)
Luck – 8 (6 + 2)
Intelligence – 4 (6 - 2)
Stealth –5 (6 - 1)

The user chose to increase two stats by 4 and one stat by 2. Therefore, he or she had to decrease two stats by 2, and one stat by 1.

Option 2
Strength – 9
Accuracy – 8 (4 + 4)
Endurance – 5
Agility – 11
Luck – 3 (3 - 2 + 2)
Intelligence – 8 (9 - 1)
Stealth – 10

The user chose to increase Accuracy by 4 and Luck by 2.
They then chose to decrease Luck by 2 and Intelligence by 1.
Overall their stats are better than the person who chose the first option. But maybe they just got lucky...

Anyway - Players ! Fill out the info below Cool

Name (of character) -
Gender -
Personality -
Fun fact(s) -

- Hair (or lack thereof) -
- Eyes -
- Facial features -
- Height -
- Weight -
- Right or Left handed (those with over 10 on accuracy will be automatically ambidextrous) -
- 1-4 particular physical attributes - , , , .

Which option do you choose ?
If you go with option 1, feel free to put your stats in yourself.
If you choose option 2, I'll randomly generate stats and then you can either accept them (then you can add and substract as per the rules above) or say "lolno" and I'll generate a new set of stats.

- Strength
- Accuracy
- Endurance
- Agility
- Luck
- Intelligence
- Stealth
Put me on the list if somebody drops out or you are willing to have more players.

I've got nothing better to do, so here's a quick character for me.
(08-01-2012 04:20 AM)damerdar Wrote: [ -> ]Put me on the list if somebody drops out or you are willing to have more players.

I've got nothing better to do, so here's a quick character for me.

Added you to the main party Smile
I'll do your stats tomorrow, watch this space !
put me on list please!
(08-01-2012 05:57 AM)zatSa Wrote: [ -> ]put me on list please!

Added Cool
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