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My favorite has to be, without a doubt, Majora's Mask. Something about the darkness in that game, all of the sadness and pain that the Mask puts everyone through. It just broke from what I was used to in the whole series. Plus the soundtrack... I still listen to that soundtrack.
Twilight Princess.
Don't know why, maybe it's because it was the first Zelda game I picked up. I just love the look and the feel of it. And Midna is such a good character.

But I agree, Majora comes a very close second, with Link to the Past and Minish Cap coming just after.
Link to the Past

That was my first Zelda game that I have ever played and I just loved it completely. Sure there were moments when I wanted to set my game on fire but it was still such a fun game that I will never forget.
Since everybody (including myself) loves the big titles (Ocarina of time, Twilight Princess, Link to the past, etc.), i Have to name Link's Awakening.
It really deserves a remake
somehow, Majora's Mask, and TP seem to be the most populars amongst zelda fans, but i never got passed 15 minutes of playtime on MM , something about that time constraint, and link never looking like link.

and TP i found was too dark, i almost beated it, but lost my game, and never really started again.

generally speaking, i prefer all the portable one, gb, gbc , gba and ds. this being said, i think my favorite one would have to be Minish Cap. colorful, original, not to difficult, yeah, that was my favorite.
I've yet to find anybody that enjoys Zelda II or the CD-I Games
OOT because it was my first and the one I've played the most, but also A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening.

Everybody loves MM and TP, but I can never get into them. :\
The Legends of Zelda that I just beat were The GBA ones, Wind Waker and currently playing Ocarina of Time. So thats no big doubt about the decision
my top 5 zelda games are:
1-Majora's mask
2-Skyward sword
5-Ocarina of time
(06-26-2012 08:54 AM)jake_the_snake94 Wrote: [ -> ]I've yet to find anybody that enjoys Zelda II or the CD-I Games

Zelda II is a really nice game, yet it doesn't feel much like a zelda game.
For the cd-i games, Zelda's adventure is bad, yet not as atrocious as the other 2.
Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Those games were amazing AND they had extra stuff once you beat both of them. In the age of gameboy color, that was pretty amazing.
I've never been able to really choose a single favorite for these games, I mean some are obviously weaker or should never be spoken of again (the CD-i games..) but as far as favorites, in no particular order: Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Majora's Mask and Phantom Hourglass.
I really enjoyed both of the Oracles games too, there was just something about them that made both very enjoyable.
Link to the Past all day. It's amazing and it's kind of layed out all the other Zelda games after it.
Majora's Mask, once you figure out how to warp the time and where to be and when that game can be so fun, and the quest you take to get the couples mask is such an amazing story within the game.
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