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(06-26-2012 09:47 AM)ThatBZguy Wrote: [ -> ]Majora's Mask, once you figure out how to warp the time and where to be and when that game can be so fun, and the quest you take to get the couples mask is such an amazing story within the game.

You are now my Forum friend sir.
Mine would be Zelda: Minish Cap for the Gameboy. First of all, you can play it anywhere, and also, I loved the simple story. Plus, I had the urge to finish the game entirely, which is something rare for me.
(06-26-2012 08:59 AM)thepuddingfighter Wrote: [ -> ]my top 5 zelda games are:
1-Majora's mask
2-Skyward sword
5-Ocarina of time

You are also my forum friend, because of your profile picture.
I'd say Minish Cap because of the Wind Temple and the final Hyrule Castle. No one seems to give this game much love.

(I also own pretty much every Zelda game and this is the only one I've played through o_o)
The Wind Waker, a lot of people hate the cell-shaded graphics but it's a great game!
(06-26-2012 08:49 AM)trudel69 Wrote: [ -> ]but i never got passed 15 minutes of playtime on MM , something about that time constraint

I feel this way. I've played the first few dungeons, but I don't know, man. I just can't ever stick with it. I like the mood of the game, though, it's just the time thing always freaks me out.

OoT is my favourite and Wind Waker is also super amazing.
My favorite is Skyward Sword. Probably my excitement for the game, and it fulfilling that makes it the best in my opinion. It just had a magical feeling, and also it wasn't too hard.
Ocarina of Time. I loved it because of the Water Temple. If you make a mistake on even pushing that big block you're game is over.
I'm going to say The Wind Waker. I never had a N64 in my home, so I never played Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask.

My childhood was spent playing Wind Waker, so I've grown attached to the game.
Like many others, A Link to the Past. One of the first Zelda games I picked up and I was so absorbed into it. Ith ad a great story, amazing music, nice atmospheres and scenery.
1) A Link to the Past
2) Ocarina of Time
3) Twilight Princess
4) Four Swords
5) Skyward Sword

[Sorry no Majora's mask, always found the timed thing very stressful]
Top 5:
1: Wind Waker (music, characterization, adorable art, and an effective soundtrack)
2: Skyward Sword (same as above, but I have fonder memories of WW)
3: Twilight Princess (An amazing game, I loved the dungeon design and the items, but I didn't get into the game emotionally like WW and SS)
4: Oracle of Ages/Seasons (my first Zelda games! I have to put them here, they were very good for late-era Gameboy Color games)
5: Link to the Past (this is old-school Zelda done right)

Yes, I know Ocarina of Time isn't on here. It's a great game, but I didn't connect with it like some of the later Zeldas.
1. Ocarina of Time because it's Cliche.
2. Phantom Hourglass, still the best mobile zelda out there in my opinion.
3. Wind Waker because it's amazing
4. Twilight Princess because the story was great, the graphics were awesome, the controls were cool, the map was huge, the weapons were, in my opinion, some of the best of the entire series (bomb arrows, BOMB. ARROWS.), and great pacing.
5. Skyward Sword because they got the controls down, great artwork and you sort of care about Zelda for once

Side note: We need to see Hyrule Field again. The last time we really got to roam it was in Twilight Princess, which is 6 years old now. I miss epona Sad
(06-26-2012 08:54 AM)jake_the_snake94 Wrote: [ -> ]I've yet to find anybody that enjoys Zelda II or the CD-I Games

There's a part of me that enjoyed Zelda II more than the original, and another part that just thinks that I'm being crazy. Great game regardless.

As for a favorite, I'm just Sticking to OoT, just being the one I've played the most
Top 5
1.) Majora's Mask
2.) Wind Waker
3.) Link's Awakening (my first)
4.) Ocarina of time
5.) Twilight Princess

I'm still playing through Skyward Sword, so it may replace one of the Top 5
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