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RE: Photography
(08-24-2012 01:18 PM)Equinox Wrote:  
(08-23-2012 01:50 PM)agentkuo Wrote:  I don't get any of this. I don't understand what sort of message you're trying to convey with your photography (if any), to me it just looks like, for the most part, stuff shot close up, and like there isn't any more depth to it than that. That's just the impression I got. For me, at least in the case of discussing photography for the sake of discussing photography, I like photographs to tell stories or have meanings. Cool and interesting shots (especially forced perspective) can be really great and enjoyable, but I don't really see any meaning to them beyond that (looking cool). The only one I really like is the corn. Maybe it just reminds me of this really cool picture I have (that I can't post because it has nudity), or maybe I just like the color contrast.

That's my 2ยข.

But I do have questions:
-What type of camera do you use?

-Where was the Lincoln statue photographed? (If that's not Lincoln, my bad)

I'd like to get a camera and delve into photography myself. I find it really interesting.

Well, I guess I don't take it for any sort of reason. It's all just stuff that I think looks good the way that I take it.

I have an older model of a Sony digital camera, not sure which model. That statue is at the Chicago Art Institute. And yes it is Lincoln. May I ask why you wanted to know?
Oh I just thought it was interesting.
08-25-2012 09:35 AM
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