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Skyward Sword - Your Thoughts
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RE: Skyward Sword - Your Thoughts
(02-18-2013 05:15 AM)A Zombie Riot Wrote:  Fi is by far worse than Navi.

There is a 98% chance that you agree with me. Don't I just sound super smart. Like a highly super intelligent being able to use percentages for probability. Oh I am clearly NOT stating the obvious using obvious probabilities. Like me! LIKE MEEEEE!

I hate Fi so effing much. No over reaction to make my post seem funny and such, but honestly, I did swear at the TV around halfway through the game because I go sick of hearing that stupid "....percent chance" thing. The only redeeming part about Fi is how she fits into the story.
At the end of SS she says she has to reside in the Master Sword. Since SS is the beginning of the Zelda Timeline, it makes complete sense as to how Link is able to take the Master Sword from the pedestal. Everytime the next Link along the line approaches the Master Sword (ALttP/TP/OoT etc) Fi senses the ancestry of the hero which allows the sword to be taken by that games version of Link . I thought that was clever writing on Nintendos part.

That doesn't stop her from being fugging annoying throughout SS though. But I LOVE her theme song.
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02-18-2013 08:19 AM
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