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Skyward Sword - Your Thoughts
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RE: Skyward Sword - Your Thoughts
It just wasn't as good as I hoped.

It's a Zelda game so Nintendo definitely took their time in this game because it has to have that Zelda polish. But it wasn't as impressive to me as TP/MM/OoT/WW.

My main problem is that after playing big Xbox 360/PS3/PC games, coming back to an SD console hinders the enjoyment. Games like Uncharted, Mass Effect, DarkSiders, Skyim, The Witcher 2 (Even The Wind Waker) have huge beautiful looking environments with vast landscapes for the player to explore. Going back to an SD console where you face the limitations of the system means it's a step back on exploration combined with the horrible quality of SD graphics on a HD TV. Not only that but the overworld was just a step down in general. Compared to The Wind WakerTP with the great sea and Hyrule Field(though empty in many areas) you had a lot to explore. Once you get your loftwing in SS there is no reason to explore. You have the roulette island, thunderhead, pumpkin island, the 3 areas to progress with the story and obviously Sky Loft, but it feels dated and not like Zelda.

The graphics themselves looked stunning (on a Dolphin emulator) but playing on HD TV ruined the water colour style.

The motion controls were easily the worst part about Skyward Sword. I don't see the point in controlling my Loftwing with a motion controller when I have a working (mandatory) nun-chuck attached to it. It wasn't fun and didn't make any sense. What was a simple task in all the other Zeldas of slashing at Deku Baba now turned into a tedious chore of having to slash PERFECTLY horizontally or vertically depending on how their mouths are open. The frustration only increased with the electric Boblokins to the point I ended up using bombs on them and the Beetle on the stems of Deku Babas.

But I'm glad they had a much stronger emphasis on the story. The story was easily one the strongest in the series. Not only that but being that's the first in the timeline, we got to see the origin of Hyrule, the Triforce, Ganons ancestor, the creation of the Master Sword (and why it responds to Link).

The music is incredible. Nintendo and their insulting use of Midi files in TP was shaking off due to the emotional orchestral soundtrack.

Fuck Fi.
02-18-2013 05:04 AM
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