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Voice Actor Submissions - interesting but senseless?
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Voice Actor Submissions - interesting but senseless?
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Voice Actor Submissions - interesting but senseless?

I was watching the 6th episode of the "Fire Emblem Retrospective", wich seemed to me being a good source of DYKs (now I wonder, if "Marth", who is written "Marsu" in japanese, or better his name is a reference to the roman god of war "Mars" - if you find out, be my guest and post it as a new submission). After mentioning, that there are references to Fire Emblem in Tetris Attack and Kirby Super Star at 7:20, I could hear Adult-Link's (or better his voice actor's) shouts from Ocarina Of Time at 11:40 in the Fire-Emblem-Anime, which was released earlier than OOT.

So I used Wikipedia to learn something about Link's voice actor/seiyu Nobuyuki Hiyama. I was shocked, in how many games i must heard his voice without noticing the similarity.

1st thought: too much stuff - will never be posted. At my 2nd thought, I remembered, that looked up more infos about Tales Of Vesperia and Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World after beating the games. So i had learned, that Yuri Lowell's voice actor Troy Baker also voiced Dr. Markus Vaughn from Trauma Center: New Blood - a game, also played by me, but only after reading this, I realized the similarity between them. The actor for Tebebrae in Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World, Christopher Corey Smith did another voice in the same game for Zelos Wilder and reached Mach 1 with his words when lending his voice to Rufus in Street Fighter IV. But the 3 characters sounding that much diffrent (you can hear Tenebrae for example in my "Namco loves you!"-post), that I can't believe it untill today, that only one man did this jobs o.O

So I discerned, that there are maybe too many voice actors doing too many voices in too many games, so posts about that matter seeming nearly irrelevant to me. It rises the question: am I right or am I wrong?
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12-17-2012 08:32 AM
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