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I was watching the 6th episode of the "Fire Emblem Retrospective", wich seemed to me being a good source of DYKs (now I wonder, if "Marth", who is written "Marsu" in japanese, or better his name is a reference to the roman god of war "Mars" - if you find out, be my guest and post it as a new submission). After mentioning, that there are references to Fire Emblem in Tetris Attack and Kirby Super Star at 7:20, I could hear Adult-Link's (or better his voice actor's) shouts from Ocarina Of Time at 11:40 in the Fire-Emblem-Anime, which was released earlier than OOT.

So I used Wikipedia to learn something about Link's voice actor/seiyu Nobuyuki Hiyama. I was shocked, in how many games i must heard his voice without noticing the similarity.

1st thought: too much stuff - will never be posted. At my 2nd thought, I remembered, that looked up more infos about Tales Of Vesperia and Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World after beating the games. So i had learned, that Yuri Lowell's voice actor Troy Baker also voiced Dr. Markus Vaughn from Trauma Center: New Blood - a game, also played by me, but only after reading this, I realized the similarity between them. The actor for Tebebrae in Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World, Christopher Corey Smith did another voice in the same game for Zelos Wilder and reached Mach 1 with his words when lending his voice to Rufus in Street Fighter IV. But the 3 characters sounding that much diffrent (you can hear Tenebrae for example in my "Namco loves you!"-post), that I can't believe it untill today, that only one man did this jobs o.O

So I discerned, that there are maybe too many voice actors doing too many voices in too many games, so posts about that matter seeming nearly irrelevant to me. It rises the question: am I right or am I wrong?
okay, I think I will only get the answer by posting it...
People like Troy Baker, Nolan North, Steve Blum, Tara Strong, Ali Hillis, Jennifer Hale and a few others do voices in a crap ton of games/Cartoons(including animes). Also, could you just IMDB [a game], find a random voice actor from the list and find what else they've done.
IMDB everything you wanna know...

Is it a problem? Well no, those voice actors are used often because they're good. If you're good at your job, you'll get more opportunities. Not to mention, with good voice actors like the above, you can put on a voice that makes it hard to guess who the are unless you look at the credits...
OK, i see. thanks! Smile
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