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This isn't necessarily games you hate

For me, Half life. I could never get past the opening sequence of the first one without getting bored and switching off
I love half-life. Finished it over 10 times and even tried speed-running it a little. But yeah, first time I played I also didn't know what to do in the intro sequence and got bored and stopped playing...

To me Diablo 3 is overrated. D2 was better
The Halo series. I play them and have fun with the multiplayer but if I play by myself the game just gets boring and I end up watching TV or something.
Half-life is my favorite series and I'm not trying to be biased here, but if you didn't get past the opening sequence then how can you have an opinion like that on it? I'd think you would need to play it a good bit. It IS my favorite series but I'd same the same or any game. The first Half-life does have a long opening for a FPS. I like the tram ride though, Sets the mood for me.

(I assume that means you haven't ever gotten past the opening. Also, I take it as the tram ride and before you put the crystal in the beam is what you mean by opening sequence.)

Anyways, I don't have any on my mind right now. I'll post later if I do.
any RPG game because i had those moments when you play for a long time and then you get out and once you return in a week ,you dont know where you and after a while you just call it quits
(06-26-2012 09:12 AM)Doctalen Wrote: [ -> ](I assume that means you haven't ever gotten past the opening. Also, I take it as the tram ride and before you put the crystal in the beam is what you mean by opening sequence.)

I mean that bit and the general around-the-facility bit just after it
Angry Birds. It's a nice time waster, but the concept is unoriginal and it does not deserve the enormous profit it has achieved.
Well, first of all, the Call of Duty franchise. Sure, they are cool games and all (I'm still playing Black Ops), but I HATE the fact that there is one coming out each year! I don't even have time to prestige 3 or 4 times before a new game comes out and everybody buys it to play it!

I may have other games that I think are overrated, but nothing comes to mind right now...
I'm probably going to regret saying this, but League of Legends is a game I find to be entirely overrated. My friends are all addicted to it and I really don't find any appeal to it at all.
I think Pokemon is too overrated. I like the games, I still play Pokemon but, yeah, it's overrated.
final fantasy and the first pokemon games

i've only played ffxiii and thought the graphics were beautiful, but it seems like everyone cums themselves over certain ones, ffvii namely

and i've played all pokemon games and enjoy them all to an extent. i have my likes and dislikes about each generation, but i don't look up to one religiously and snap at anyone who has a different opinion about it than i.
Muramasa: The Demon Blade (or something like that) for Wii.

While the game looked good and and okay music, it was severaly lacking in gameplay. Every place was just this huge space with a lot of platforms with enemies you defeated in the same way every time. The game gave you a few different combos to use when fighting, with even fewer being avaible for actually defeating enemies without getting a beating yourself. In the end you found the one that works and only spammed that through the entire game. To be honest I don't think the game was bad, it was just an incredibly mediocre hack 'n slash game.

I'm aware this game isn't very well-spoken so a lot of people would probably disagree with it being overrated, but when you find people who had played it they praise it like no tomorrow. So it left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
I'd have to say some of the most overrated games of all time would be the current Call of Duty games it seems that after 4 they just started being the same game recycled over and over just to make a profit kinda like the Madden series, funny thing i just noticed they are both published by EA...huh.
From fans: Call of Duty. All my friends think that COD is the only game you should play and if you play any other your a baby.
From Critics: Batman: Arkham City/Asylum. I got really bored when playing Asylum and never got City. I don't see how city could be one of the best games of all time.
Call of Duty. It wasn't overrated before CoD 4. But after MW2 people just exploded and played this game all day long. If I even talk about another game with my friends they'll just call it "gay" and start talking about how badass they are when they get 10 killstreaks.
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