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Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, Medal of Honor etc.

They may be popular and 'hot' right now, but all they are doing is rehashing the same game over and over.
Okay, time to get hated.

Chrono Trigger

Holy average, Batman!

I seriously can't see why this game gets all the praise it does to this day. I'm a huge fan of jRPG so I don't find CT to be all that terrible, but it's not all that good either. Sure, the game looks pretty and the music is AMAZING. Those stuff is not what my complaint is about. It's the GAMEPLAY. Dear god it's so bland it almost makes me mad since Square had so much more gameplay done in every other final fantasy (except 1). There's no depth to the gameplay. It's the usual choosing choosing attack or special attack, as in the first final fantasy. It had a bunch of combo attacks you could do with each character which I have to admit was pretty nifty. Too bad you will find out after 10 minutes that most of them, while they look somewhat cool, are terribly useless or are not just not worth it. You will just end up using the same two cross attacks through the game. I seriously can't see what the big deal is gameplay wise.

Another complaint I have about this game is probably the story. I'm going to be honest that it was a couple of years ago since I finished the game and most of it is pretty cloudy. I just recall playing the game through because some people told me that apparently you play Chrono Trigger for the story. So, after 30min in the game I already felt what a clusterf*ck the story would be since it was about timetravel. And oh boy was I right. Plotholes EVERYWHERE. If that wasn't enough, there are several endings which left it with even more plotholes! This left me with a bad taste since a writer shouldn't get into an advanced plot like that if they can actually pull it off. I can see what they probably wanted to do, they just didn't do it very right. What I can give the story though is the main characters. All of them had a very interesting backstory to them (except the first three, Chrono, Luca and Marle). What made me feel even worse about the story is that they didn't do much with those characters either.. This left me puzzled because they had a lot of potential, but in the end it was all pretty much rushed or mostly ignored. You don't get to know much at all about Magus unless you speak to every NPC ever in his timeline, IIRC. Frog was pretty much ignored after you found out he used to be human and everything they did with Robo was that he found a girlfriend. They had so much story to build with these characters, and in the end we got.. Barely anything.

So all I got left with after I finished the game was a video game with average gameplay, pretty graphics, nice music and terribly disappointing story.

I will hug you if you actually read through my rant.

Feel free to bash me if I'm "wrong" about anything.
That's a fair assessment. I played Chrono Trigger when it first came out, and even though I loved it I still feel as if it is overrated. Same with Final Fantasy III/VI - It is my favorite game of all time, but I can see why others may not like it or call it overrated for what it is.

Anyways, as far as Chrono goes - I preferred Cross over Trigger.
@ Nuudoru, fair enough, that's a rather good opinion there. Personally, I love Chrono Trigger, it is one of my favorite jRPGs out there. I do know people personally that do not like Chrono Trigger either, you aren't alone on your opinions.

For me I find what everyone else has found over rated, Call of Duty. I can NOT stand that series. It feels like a generic war shooter. I've played the Medal of Honors from 1 up to Rising sun, and I've played Call of Duty 1-3, and some of 4 and World at War. The games feel like any other war game to be honest. Why people froth at the mouth over these game, I will never know. Especially since they pay full price for the games, and the games come with a 4 hour campaign. So the online is suppose to make up for it?! NO, down the line when the next couple games come out, the servers will get empty, and eventually be shut down, leaving me with a game with a 4 hour campaign. I don't mind online games, I play a ton of them, but if I'm going to buy a game, I buy it for the campaign and the online takes a back seat. I want my game to have something when the online portion is dead.
CoD is obvioulsy overhyped.

Most generic fps games are kinda overrated really

However the final fantasy series always will hold a special place in my heart for being overrated.

please note: overrated =/= bad.
An overhyped game can be good but you get less then what you expect.

Also God of War, the games weren't really different from eachother imo

I would like you to elaborate on that. Didn't you like the gameplay? Wasn't the story to your liking?
(06-27-2012 05:19 AM)Nuudoru Wrote: [ -> ]

I would like you to elaborate on that. Didn't you like the gameplay? Wasn't the story to your liking?

The gameplay is so slow and boring, I played it for 2-3 hours and didn't get me, maybe the games stories are cool, but the gameplay is so slow. The environement helps to get bored very quickly.
I guess a follow up to my previous post. Since CoD is an obvious one. I will make a second choice.

People will hate me for this but,

Don't get me wrong, I love skyrim, but it is SOOOOOO over rated its ridiculous. I'm a long time Elder Scrolls player, I've played Arena to the recent Skyrim. People jumped the shark with Skyrim because it had dragons. I had people who never played an Elder Scrolls game before start joining in and saying its the best thing ever. If anyone has played the prior game, Oblivion, Dragons are the same thing as an Oblivion gate. All over cyrodill was oblivion gates, randomly spawned (To about 92 gates, tops, I think?). Skyrim? We have dragons randomly spawned.
Skyrim felt like Oblivion in every way possible, but Oblivion is (Within people I know) talked down upon? I don't get it.
Skyrim feels completely watered down from its prior games of Oblivion and Morrowind. They merged a ton of the skills together and made the levels system a bunch easier. While it is a welcome change for some as it makes the broken system (And exploitable) from Oblivion, less clunky. I found the system in Oblivion much more fun as I had to plan my battles ahead of time so I didn't mess up my skills and stats.
Skyrim was also clunky in its own right. I mean the game was a buggy mess at release, I forgive that as its an Elder Scrolls game. However what I DON'T forgive is the complete massacre of the PS3 version. Now I know, "Get the game else where!", And I did, but the point is, the PS3 version was unplayable until around February, 2-3 months after its release, and they KNEW about the PS3 bug prior to release, but never fixed it.
Another thing is people claim the graphics are much better than before. I see what they mean, Skyrim at times can be beautiful, but good lord, I hope you like Gray, browns and white! I found Oblivion much more colorful which I enjoyed.
Like I said, don't get me wrong I love Skyrim. Its a ton of fun, but in my view, it only got as popular as it did because of Dragons. The original trailer came out and I only heard a few people say it looks cool. But when Dragons were announced, everyone and their grandmothers exploded with excitement.
Skyrim just feels like oblivion and morrowind to me. Nothing more. I just don't get the hype-train for it.
(06-27-2012 06:01 AM)Doom_master1122 Wrote: [ -> ]People will hate me for this but,

Why hate? I think so, Oblivion is much better!
(06-27-2012 06:04 AM)Abdulito-kun Wrote: [ -> ]
(06-27-2012 06:01 AM)Doom_master1122 Wrote: [ -> ]People will hate me for this but,

Why hate? I think so, Oblivion is much better!

Same here, but with the Skyrim craze, I threw myself onto the battlefield with that line.
Final Fantasy VII hands down.
(06-26-2012 10:19 AM)pie Wrote: [ -> ]From fans: Call of Duty. All my friends think that COD is the only game you should play and if you play any other your a baby.
From Critics: Batman: Arkham City/Asylum. I got really bored when playing Asylum and never got City. I don't see how city could be one of the best games of all time.

I liked Arkham Asylum, for me it had next to no replay value but the game it self I enjoyed a lot during my play through, I don't care for the challenge missions and what not, the story was good though. Probably won't play Arkham City til it's going cheap on Steam at some point as i figure it will be same kinda deal as the first game
All the Diablo games (sorry I went there).

And the Halo games, except for CE (both Custom Edition and Combat Evolved). I enjoyed CE.
Assassin's Creed seems a bit overrated, but the storyline is picking up pace so we'll see
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