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What is Appetite 4 Destruction? A4D is an Xbox 360 gaming clan with a main focus on community play. With games ranging from Forza, Halo, to Minecraft finding players to collaborate and play with is our goal.

What is A4D goal? Create a mature gaming atmosphere for all players, casual or hardcore. As of now I am looking for players interested in joining my clan with mod and admin positions likely to be filled. I will be renting a (1 month) Battlefield 3 server by next week for the start of the A4D community. For now there is no main structure or leaders. Once we grow in size I intend to add some structure to the community.

The future of A4D? I would like to have a memberlist of 20 active players before I invest in more servers and services (such as PC game servers, Teamspeak, ect). We will eventually branch into PC gaming once I have time to upgrade my PC. Until then I welcome everyone to Appetite 4 Destruction!

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to ask. If interested in joining A4D please add my Xbox Live gamertag Mr TasteMango



Please bare with me as I am still working on the theme for the A4D forums and certain colors might be off on certain pages. I am completely aware of this situation and working to fix it asap. A main webpage will be added within the month too.

This is a new clan started by myself, so any support and people willing to register to my site is much appreciated!

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