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What are your guys' opinion of Lets' Players and other gaming Youtube people like Pewdiepie and Syndicate?

I ask because I started one a little bit ago and I want to know some tips Big Grin

If youre interested:
I don't care for Pew's humor anymore, but I have been watching a lot of ChipCheezum's LPs. They're very good and they actually made me want to play most of the games Chip LP. (Which I can say none of Pewdiepie's stuff gave me the same feeling.)
99% of LP'ers make me want to slap them.
Most of them are uninteresting for one of these main reasons
1 - The mic quality makes it sound terrible.
2 - Their idea of humour is to swear every two seconds.
3 - They're not very intelligent, which leads to uninteresting commentary and pure idiocies. Instead of saying interesting things about the game, they just go around like "ohh there's some ammo, let's go down this corridor." If they explained a bit more about why the ammo is good, when we should use it, etc., that would be useful. A lot of people intend to play the LP'd games, so helpful tips are always good.
4 - The games they LP have for the most part already been LP'd by someone better.
5 - They think everyone has time to watch 30 minutes of their assinine ramblings per day.
6 - They don't listen to the fanbase (or lack thereof) and play the game they think people want to watch.
7 - They don't plan their LP, they just dive in and go along. Now this is fine for the LP'ers that are actually any good, but for the vast majority, it's painful to watch as they have nothing interesting to say.

I only watch two LPers regularly - Robbaz, and our very own Bumblebro. Their videos are both entertaining to watch and not ridiculously long.

I haven't had a look at your channel for current lack of computer access, but I'll do so soon
The only LP's I watch anymore are Gamegrumps and Two Best Friends, however Gamegrmps is slowly becoming stale. The reason, to me, is because Jon and Arin are better solo than as a team. They aren't all too funny when working together. But, that's just my opinion.

As for other LP's, I stopped watching them because most of them were always "Hey, let's go down this hallway because I know there's a good weapon here." It was boring to see a person play a game they knew everything about. Plus, the humor of most LP's is almost nonexistent, anyway, and the player rarely says interesting things.
I never really understand most of the Let's players these days, I mean it's all of the same stuff, Pew just screams, and Gamegrumps are just like everyone else, but with people we know.

The only person I liked was this guy who did a Walking Dead Let's Play, can't remember his name, but he was hilarious.
I only watch LP's to see if the game is any good but the LP player somehow,makes it terrible by there useless need to tell jokes or making comments that doesn't involve the game at all.
CinamonToastKen: (Does random games with a face cam but his stuff is really good)

Husky: (Does LPs like Starcraft and is in the middle of a Warcraft 3 playthrough)

Cry: (Does horror games and other games, NO FACE CAM)

CholeraNinja: (aside from LoL videos he has done some really awesome games like Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 and some other games)

Kagato: (Did a Persona 4 LP and is doing a Persona 3 one now)

Haberman: (Does LPs of shitty games like Rogue Warrior and Call of Juarez the Cartel)

Stri: (He plays random games, mainly horror. He uses a face cam and uses some other PewdiePie stuff but he is also really good. He is currently doing a Corpse Party LP and random Aoi Oni games)

Northernlion: (An excellent LPer but he players games that have A LOT of repeatability like Binding of Issac, FTL, Spelunky and others. He also does other videos called "Let's Look at" where he checks out games both new and old, both indie and AAA titles)

That's all I have at the moment. There is also Chugaconroy and ProtonJon and Retsuprae are also doing their own videos (One of their members was one of the first people to do a LP)

Hope that helps fellows.
ClementJ642 is a great lp user
He pretty much has lets play every sonic and megaman game, and while sometimes he might come up as a douche, most of the time he is entertaining
The only person I watch is Toby Turner.

And then I watch Achievement Hunter as well.
I enjoy Gamegrumps. They're the only Let's players I watch actually.

I also like stuff like The Completionist, Jon Tron and all that jazz. Oh and also Pete Dorr. He's a pretty cool guy.
ProtonJon has a great Lp of Superman 64. Too bad he only releases one episode of that a year. I also like the Runaway guys.
PewDiePie/TobyTurner/Smosh/iJustine is/are a scumbag(s) who ruined what gamers had been since YouTube start in 2006. They contribute nothing and are only init for the money rather than supporting what gamers had been doing for years- because it's the latest trend on YouTube. Plus their fanbase who find that crap funny are pathetic combined with masses on no-dick "men" who find it humurours to record themselves shitting their pants 'like true men' and being scared of a "game" like Slender which was clearly made in paint and makes the MLP community look like the most Masculine Men on the planet or getting 'scripted angry' over a game like Happy Wheels *breathe*. So yeah, fuck those people and anyone who finds them worth watching. All scumbag money whoring a-holes.
iJunstine playing Portal 2 makes my head explode due to how dumb and ignorant of gaming she is, and anyone who found TobyTurner to be funny at E3 is a douche. He apparently represents us as gamers and is now considered the voice. Grade-a wanker!
Syndicate...boring old shi- with nothing to offer but shitty CoD gameplay that infested YouTube since MW1 and that blandest of bland Minecraft videos that infest YouTube in 2010

YouTubers who actually support the gaming community and well worth watching due to their knowledge of gaming, vast history of gaming experience, ex/tournament players or contribute to gamers for the better.

DarkSydePhil - Plays every major release live with his camera. Has funny, yet immature commentary. Ex Street Fighter 2 Turbo tournament player and fighting game expert but also knows a lot about gaming. Is currently playing with his fans.
PressHeartToContinue - Reports the gaming news with her thoughts. Regular host of TGS Podcast. Plays lots of games and has a good background in games.
TradeChat - Much like PHTC but with more gameplay videos and gaming vlogs. Both PHTC and TradeChat represent females gamers in a great light rather than using looks or some other bullshit like most females gamers on YouTube(who play CoD).
TotalBiscuit - The smartest gamer on YouTube. A regular host of the TGS Podcast. has great morals/princplesideas on what's wrong/right with the gaming industry. Plays nearly ever major and small game. Also commentates are MLG events like StarCraft2
OMFGCata - TotalBiscuit without a hat or British accent. Funny, loveable dude who plays plenty of games. The third regular host of the TGS Podcast
Miles923/Maxamillian -Plays A HUGE amount of fighting games. Has a great in-depth knowledge on the genre AND makes his own creative, yet informative videos on how to play fighting games. Via the use of skits(example) he teaches you how to play fighting games.
AngryJoe - The funniest and one of the most informative YouTube reviewers on the Internet. Has a lot to say about games and presents his points extremely well combined with his big background in gaming. Well worth checking out
JonTron-......It's JonTron.
Egoraptor - Started uot on Newgrounds before YouTube and loves the older games.
Yuriofwind - was DYKG before DYKG became DYKG. Also looks at obscure games and creepy pasta. Great channel

The Best YouTube team -
LifeandLevel - They are the Jackass of YouTube. They play a lot of games from different genres, BUT, they have an added twist... they inflict they harm to each other. Play Mario Party with meat tenderisers and smack each others kneecaps and the looser has to eat an omelette made of...well, watch the episode because it's the grossest thing I've seen from them. No idea what happened to them now.

CrossCounter - Fighting game tournament players who have been putting out fighting game (mainly SF 4) videos for the last 3/4 years. They're friends with a lot of tournament players and have their own talk show called The Steam. Even if you don't understand what's going on in fighting games, it's worth watching.

GameGrumps - You're already subscribed to them so.....

TheSw1tcher/TwoBestFriendsPlay're already subscribed to these guys too. However unlike GameGrumps they have a deeper knowledge of gaming and are generally interacting with gaming news and what's currently happening so there will be a lot of jokes people may not understand (Like their knowledge on EVERY GAME EVER MADE, Fighting games etc).

ContinueShow - They review a game short around 10 minutes and say whether they would continue or quit based on those few minutes. Fun as heck to watch and you may have seen them in JonTron episodes or scenes.

That post gave me a boner, I have no idea why and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
I must say Cody, you really put that well. That whole thing at the beginning actually kind of made me feel bad for liking Smosh long ago, you have some powerful words there. When I heard they made a gaming channel I died a little bit on the inside and lost whatever respect I had left for them.
And is iJustine really playing Portal 2? I cannot fathom how terrible that must be.
Don't even get me started on PewDiePie...
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