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Full Version: crash bandicoot 3 and timesplitters 2 (sort of) hidden content.
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hello chaps,
I just wanted to share something regarding 2 of my favorite games of my childhood.
first of all, lets start with Crash Bandicoot 3;

on the main menu of Crash Bandicoot 3, if you press the following: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, an option of playing the Spyro the Dragon Pre-Release Demo. The Demo differs slightly to the retail as some levels are not in their usual places.
In addition to this, Spyro the Dragon has a Crash Bandicoot 3 pre-release demo too. This is accessed by pressing L1+L2+TRIANGLE. Crash also differs to retail.

and now for Timesplitters 2.

In Timesplitters 2, a gothic "Tileset" was originally intended to be placed within the games mapmaking feature (just like TS1 had). As the quality of the tileset was "low quality", and the developers cut it due to they had a deadline of finishing off TS2. but some of the code was still left in the Gamecube edition of the game. This can be accessed by entering a code in a cheat device (e.g. Gameshark, actionreplay, etc.).
The level looks pretty normal, would've been nice if they'd left it in the game.

Hmm, cool.
Also, you posted this less than a week ago, no need for the bump, He'll make a decision on it when he makes a decision on it.
Both of these have been submitted before.
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