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A place were us music lovers can talk about music.

I'll start. One of my other favorite bands just released a new song called "Chalk Outline" from their new album Transit of Venus which comes out this fall. I'm talking about Three Days Grace.

I really like it. I absolutely loved their last album. They've only gotten better and better with each release.

Music to me is extremely important. One of the biggest parts of my life (alongside gaming). I've learned to appreciate real musicians from different genres. I can love the head banging that comes with listening to Lamb of God, insane adrenaline pumping of Pendulums Drum 'n' Bass , to the emotional Nujabes, to the hard hitting (pre-2000's) rap of Tupac and so on.

You can really tell those artists who put a lot of soul into their music. They have so much more passion which gives you can get emotional over; which you generally don't find in most mainstream music nowadays(not to sound like a hipster). But so many artists today spend time on making a music video and making themselves look pretty rather than actually coming out with decent music (what they are supposed to be doing).

I think gaming has some of the best music. I cherish the Third Strike soundtrack. One of the best gamin soundtracks I've ever heard. The same can be said of Nintendo games. Zelda in particular. Koji Kondo and Hideki Okugawa are legends.

I love listening to instrumentals.
I'm always on the look out for new music to fill my library so I'll be on this thread a lot, ha.

Edit: Oh and there's only so much Dubstep I can tolerate.
I love music! I should fit in okay here! I pretty much listen to a little of everything except R&B.

Here is a small taste of the music I listen to:


Marina and the Diamonds:

The Sounds:


Meg & Dia:

...More later.
Three Days Grace I like because Adam (the lead singer) was a drug addict. So, it's nice to see the transformation he has had over the years.

I mean, listen to their self-titled album and then listen to One-x. and then One-x to Life Starts Now. It's crazy.

But I absolutely love music. It's my lifestyle. Some of the artists I like are:

3 Doors Down
30 Seconds to Mars
A Day To Remember
Art of Dying
Avenged Sevenfold
Black Stone Cherry
Blue Man Group
Blue October
Bon Jovi
Breaking Benjamin
Bullet for my Valentine
Coheed and Cambria

And that's just a handful. There's so many more bands I enjoy. I would list them all, but that would be a long list. I will list a few others though like Daughtry, Linkin Park, Red, Silversun Pickups, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shinedown, Seether, Hurt, and Metallica.

And yet again, that's just another handful. So many bands I love. I absolutely love music. And when I can play my music with video games, I love it and I can get sucked into the game even more.
For me music is a must. I'm saying it because, even if I don't consider myself a musician, I play guitar and trumpet and appreciate music as a form of art and expression.

I listen to bands mostly, and I do enjoy instrumentals and all that crazy stuff (Videogame music covers, etc.)

Some of the bands I listen to are:

Bars Of Gold

Jets To Brazil

Bear Vs Shark

And other bands that are not pretty "commercial", to put it that way.
As much as I try to be open minded about music genres I just end up going back to the bands I'm familiar with. I simply can't stand pop and anything harder than rock.

I do not know many bands, but if I ever like one, I'll grow attached to it. My favorites:


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Green Day

Fall Out Boy (R.I.P.)

Foo Fighters

The Decemberists

Linkin Park

Paramore (Hayley's voice is just plain eargasmic for me =/)

The Kooks

Avril Lavigne (although I don't listen to her new music, the early 2000's ones were just amazing)

I barely listen to my country's music because it simply sucks. It seriously does. However, my parents used to play some of their favorite bands for me as a kid, and I still love this one:

I haven't heard of Jets to Brazil but you've got my interest now.

That video(Turn it Off) butchers that song. I can hear the flat music quality(Only 240p) not to mention it's playing on a lower music note level sounds bad. Whoever uploaded that should be ashamed of themselves damn XD
Also have you heard Green Days new song? About time they finally go back to their roots! I love it.

@Zombie Riot and Symphony
You may like these(2 songs). Give 'em a listen (Y)

One of my favourite instrumentals. N.E.R.D. have a great mix of rock, funk, jazz and hip hop.
I love the combination of funky banging drums followed by 1:37 which has an amazing beautiful piano bridge. Do check out 1:37 mmmm! Then when N.E.R.D. combine the drums with the piano, glooooorious!

I am with Symphony on this one, I stick to music I enjoy but I do try new bands every so often if I like me on the radio. I will TRY to link only one song from one band that I really enjoy.

Theory of a Dead Man
3 Doors Down
Demon Hunter
Avenged Sevenfold
My Darkest Days
Rob Zombie (I am breaking my rule with this band because they have so many good songs)
System of a Down
Oingo Boingo
Twisted Sister

Okay one more band


Quote:Also have you heard Green Days new song? About time they finally go back to their roots! I love it.

I really am looking forward to their album packs (as well as the Red Hot 'I'm with you' B-sides) but I didn't like their last single. The thing I like about their songs is that they put a lot of effort on the non-chorus part (how is that called, anyways?). But 'Oh Love' just keeps freaking repeating the same goddamn thing over and over =/

And thanks for the note of the video, I don't use youtube to listen to music, I just linked the first one I saw :#
Here's some more for ya:

The Grouch:

Aesop Rock:

Bad Meets Evil:



Cage the Elephant:

Skinny Puppy:

Stealing Sheep:

Thousand Foot Krutch:


I love music. I only don't like a few genres (pop and country) but if there is one type of music that I really stick to it's the really energetic stuff such as rock, hard rock, and metal (as long as it doesn't sound like they're just barfing into a mic) I like that kind of music 'cause it gets me really pumped up and I feel like I can beat anything that stands in my way (although I know it's just a feeling). Here's some example of what I like (I'll try to keep it not just the hard stuff.)

Chevelle: Hats Off To The Bull
Disturbed: Perfect Insanity
Avenged Sevenfold: Fiction (figured I'd throw this one in there so it's not all hard stuff, it's also one of my favorite songs from them.)
Mudvayne: Do What You Do
Red: Death of Me
Linkin Park: With You
10 Years: Wasteland
Crossfade: Colors
Five Finger Death Punch: Hard to See
Atreyu: Honor

Maybe I went over board with the songs...oh well also it's kinda nice I found this thread while I was jamin' out to my pandora station so loud that people outside my house can probably hear it (And I still am Big Grin) and you know what I'm just gonna put that in here too now that I think about it, search cingchris in pandora to get my profile.

Edit: I changed the video for Wasteland because it was the original version and I think the remastered version sounds 10 times better, so now it sounds slightly different. (it's only subtle differences but I still notice them.)
I'm not really a huge fan of music, but most of the stuff you guys posted is great.

Still, I prefer the listening to instrumentals, more than singing, must be due to Vidya games.
cingchris, you settled it. I'm listening to Atreyu today on my walk. It's been a long time since I listened to them.

I saw this band almost a year ago live. They were absolutely FANTASTIC. Jen did a drum solo that I freaking loved. I saw them once before, but it was before they were huge. They hadn't released Collide yet (and they got A LOT of their fame from Comatose) and they were great then. It's crazy how much energy they all have. I love them to death.
(08-16-2012 05:24 AM)A Zombie Riot Wrote: [ -> ]cingchris, you settled it. I'm listening to Atreyu today on my walk. It's been a long time since I listened to them.

Haha, well I'm glad I could help you remember why you liked them. Smile
You didn't help me remember anything. I just couldn't decide on who to listen to today.
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