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(10-30-2012 06:14 AM)BumblebeeCody Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-29-2012 04:12 AM)A Zombie Riot Wrote: [ -> ]Has anyone listened to Stone Sour's new album yet?

I did, and I freaking love it. So much better than Audio Secrecy.

Haven't listened to them? What should I check out of theirs(Some of their best)?

They have a ton of hits. Well, a lot of hits... not 2000... lol

I'll actually post about 1 or 2 songs from each album. They only have 4 albums out, so it's not that bad. Some of them are soft, most are heavy. The 2 really soft ones are Bother and The Travelers Song Part 1. Through Glass is half-soft, half-heavy (it picks up, that's why). I LOVE Corey Taylor and he's one of the reasons why I listen to Slipknot (his 2nd band, WAY MORE heavier than Stone Sour).

First 2 from their first, self-titled album

The next 2 are from their 2nd album, Come What(ever) May

The next 2 are from their 3rd album, Audio Secrecy

These final 2 come from their latest album (which just released last week), House of Gold & Bones, Part 1

@A Zombie Riot
Damn thanks. I just realised I favourited one of their songs after hearing them from a YouTube advert. Didn't realise it was them. Will listen to your list, spanks.
The drummer is godlike.
Their drummer is awesome.
You're welcome and good luck!
Figured I'd put up all my favorite soft songs.

10 Years: Proud Of You
Atreyu: Lead Sails (And A Paper Anchor) [The last two minutes of this video are complete silence but it's the only one with good quality.]
Chevelle: Glimpse of the Con
Demon Hunter: Deteriorate
Linkin Park: My December
Red: Hymn For The Missing
Rise Against: Swing Life Away
Well it seems I've found myself a new band to listen to, and this is my favorite song so far.

(11-22-2012 10:19 AM)cingchris Wrote: [ -> ]Well it seems I've found myself a new band to listen to, and this is my favorite song so far.

Same! I'm in on that now. Thanks Big Grin

Man crush on Dallas Green (Mainly Singing and Guitarist from Alexisonfire(also amazing)).

This thread restores my faith in humanity
(12-12-2012 05:01 PM)YoureWinner Wrote: [ -> ]This thread restores my faith in humanity

[Image: Kreygasm.png] Such a good song [Image: Kreygasm.png][Image: Kreygasm.png][Image: Kreygasm.png][Image: Kreygasm.png]

I'm ashamed I haven't heard this before. Such a beautiful song. I would consider it better than the original(in terms of music which perfectly capture the emotion of the lyrics) Gets me wet eyed everytime.

R.I.P Nujabes

Don't really care much music video but this was pretty good song and video.

How could I forget to mention this awesome song on here for so long?

I freaking love Sixx:A.M.!
Music is totally depends on mode i like many singers as Adele, Britney, Rihana are my favorite solo singers but i also love and enjoy akcent. Bands are more than a solo as we find a versatility of different peoples. Listening music is a great entertainment also we can relax our mind by listen good song.
Favorite Groups:
1. Fleet Foxes
2. Death Grips
4. Battles
5. The Beatles (Mainly because I grew up listening to them)

Favorite Solo Artists:
1. J Dilla (RIP)
2. James Blake
3. Kendrick Lamar
4. Frank Ocean
5. Lone
Notable Mention: Thundercat

Favorite Albums:
[Album - Artist]
1. Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes (EARGASMMMMMM)
2. Good Kid M.A.A.D City - Kendrick Lamar
3. The Money Store - Death Grips
5. *Self Titled* - James Blake
Notable Mention: Donuts - J Dilla

Things I'm Getting Into:
Dead Kennedys
Marvin Gaye
Wu-Tang Clan

Favorite Live Performance:
Gorillaz (It was a tough choice)

Next Live Performance:
Probably some local metal

People I Wan't to See Live:
Fleet Foxes
BADBADNOTGOOD probably not gonna happen anytime soon Sad
Bibio same with him
Kendrick Lamar
MF Doom & Madlib
Frank Ocean
Fish Bone (If I could go back in time)

Genres I Want to Get Into:
Drone Metal
Hardcore Punk

(08-15-2012 09:34 AM)Symphony Wrote: [ -> ]As much as I try to be open minded about music genres I just end up going back to the bands I'm familiar with. I simply can't stand pop and anything harder than rock.

I do not know many bands, but if I ever like one, I'll grow attached to it. My favorites:


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Green Day

Fall Out Boy (R.I.P.)

Foo Fighters

The Decemberists

Linkin Park

Paramore (Hayley's voice is just plain eargasmic for me =/)

The Kooks

Avril Lavigne (although I don't listen to her new music, the early 2000's ones were just amazing)

I barely listen to my country's music because it simply sucks. It seriously does. However, my parents used to play some of their favorite bands for me as a kid, and I still love this one:

Implying some of those aren't pop artists
[Image: Mfw+Jon+Tron+_89b5f111983c64ff14d79bdae1e4799b.png]
Great song.

More great music!

I ain't much of a music guy, but I'll throw in my 2 cents.

E Nomine

3 Doors Down


Savant (just introduced to this guy so I don't know if any of his other stuff is good)


The Yoshida Brothers

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