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Pokemon 3D Did you Know
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Pokemon 3D Did you Know
In the indie fan-game Pokemon 3D, there is a currently unused map of Lavender Town, which can be accessed through hacking the game. Upon doing so, there is a poster of Slenderman with 5 "no"s on the poster. upon standing in front of it, it triggers an easter egg that shows Slenderman briefly when you turn around to walk back. (The poster is in a 1x1 corridor.) In this map, it is always night.
In test maps, the creator of the game uses textures from Minecraft for two of the test maps. The first has 3 NPCs, including a sprite of Red wearing orange, Silver and Red wearing blue. The first test map is also underwater, suggesting a new Pokemon 3D Hoenn, as Ruby and Sapphire introduced the HM move Dive. Talking to Silver will result in a test of the PC. The main test says "Choose"
And the options include:

-Bills PC

-Nils PC

-Hall of Fame

-Log off

Nils PC? What?!
Talking to the blue Red will result in an empty text box.

The second test map is not too special. There are two cobblestone ramps, and a separated floor.

The third (and final) test map is just a grassland with no textures from Minecraft.

Also note that Flame Charge, a move that was previously not in any Pokemon game until Gen V, is available in this game. This suggests that like Pokemon Tower Defense, you will be able to have all the moves from all the Generations.
01-14-2013 11:53 AM
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RE: Pokemon 3D Did you Know
If Pokemon 3D is an Indie game, then it doesn't fit into the real series.

If I'm not missing anything, DYKG focuses on actual main series gaming trivia, and I think this counts as something as fan made. Also, Game Freak wouldn't reference Slenderman, of all things. Just throwing that out there...
01-14-2013 01:01 PM
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RE: Pokemon 3D Did you Know
I agree with TheRealJDawgz.
01-14-2013 01:11 PM
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RE: Pokemon 3D Did you Know
I appreciate the submission, but as the others have said it doesn't really fit the site.
01-15-2013 06:01 AM
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