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The ghost girl... (minor bw2 spoilers)
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The ghost girl... (minor bw2 spoilers)
Black 2, I get to the Strange house, it's a haunted house with weird moving furniture. I figure out that going through the basement moves the furniture and I make my way to the main room where I find the Lunar Wing. Then a ghost girl appears and says (paraphrasing) "Oh the lunar wing... it's ok, please bring it back to the pokemon it belongs to. I waited to do it on the bridge..."

and then it hit me.

When I first beat black version a while after it came out and I got to go on that big bridge on the way back (the one where you buy magikarp), I see this couple looking off the bridge so I decide to see whats up. I talk to the girl and she disappears. Like the guy next to her, we're like wtf. I can't find any more evidence in the game so I forgot about it.

This is the same girl. I haven't been able to get to the bridge yet so I can't test this theory but I'm almost certain it's the same girl.

Sequels FTW

Just thought this would make a good Did you know gaming poster
10-13-2012 03:14 PM
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RE: The ghost girl... (minor bw2 spoilers)
Obviously. That is the point of a SEQUEL in fact. To elaborate on PAST characters. (sorry about my tone of voice of voice, let's be friends, welcome to the forums)

Also, you may want to bring this the the Submit a DYK forums.
10-16-2012 11:14 AM
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