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The Versatile Assassin
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The Versatile Assassin
While on a really random discussion with my friends, an interesting topic came up and it kept us talking for hours. I realized I could expand said topic and fit it into a game.

* The plot is the following:
You are a versatile well-trained assassin, hired by a man to kill someone. Pretty basic stuff. However, the person who hired you demands that you kill the target/victim with 'something' he will point out.

* The objective of the game is:
An user will be the boss and will assign the assassin anything* he wants him to use to assassinate the victim. The next user will then have to figure out how to use that object as a weapon.
After that, the assassin becomes the boss and assigns another weapon of choice for the next player.

Pretty simple, huh? However, I needed to make a list of rules you must follow in order to keep in tracks. For that mater, I'm assigning the assassin to kill the target with paper.


* Boss

1. You can assign anything that comes through your mind as the wanted weapon. That includes anything from viruses to whole buildings.
2. However, you can't make restrictions to your assassin. That means you can't order him to use an equilateral triangular piece of paper with a 5cm side. If you do that, he'll simply ignore the specifications and use paper.
3. Just don't ask for stuff out of reality. You just won't make your killer use Jupiter sand for the job.

* Victim

Although no one plays the target, he also has specifications for the purpose of the game.
1. He has no means to defend himself and he will not try to escape.
2. He is healthy, but nothing more than that. That means he doesn't: suffer from any diseases; have any kind of body debilitation; have any immunologic problems. He also doesn't have any higher-than-average resistance to anything.

* Assassin

1. You have unlimited resources (imagination and knowledge of the human body). That means if you're assigned with a lethal virus that is stored in Area 51, you WILL have it.
2. You must keep it as realistic as possible. You just can't kill the target by burring him under 50 tons on paper.
3. You may add adjectives before the weapon; as long as that adjective still belongs to the assigned weapon. You might use a really sharp piece of paper but you can't use a sword wrapped in paper because... well it was obviously the paper that decapitated the target, not the metal blade behind it, right?
4. However, you may use additional objects as support, as long as the death is inflicted by the weapon you were assigned. It must be clear that the support had slim chances to have killed the target alone.
5. Your boss didn't say where/when you must kill the target. That means you can kill him while he's sleeping; walking in broad daylight or tied up on a metal bed in an abandoned warehouse.


I really don't have idea how the performance of this game will be. However, me and my friends still pop up at random times with random stuff for us to figure out how to kill people with.
If it doesn't work well, just ignore that I've ever made this topic and go on with your lives. :3~

The first player will have to assassinate the target with paper.
08-11-2012 02:33 AM
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RE: The Versatile Assassin
Erm we sort of had a simpler version of this going on a while ago (LINK), but this sounds interesting.

After finding the victim's house, which is protected by Battlefield high-tech security software (fictitious company), I sneakily enter through the back door as they leave the front, as to not warrant the alarm sounding, and hack into the system, implanting discrete malware that will allow me to screw up the security. While the victim is at work, I track down a Battlefield Security installation truck and, as the employee is exiting his car, I jump him and slit his throat with the paper, taking his uniform and ID bage. I also purchase a briefcase, and insert the sharpened piece of paper into the case. I observe the victim walking home from his job and wait 5 minutes after they arrive, then I knock on the door and alert them that we've received a report of malware in the home's network which could jeopardize the security system, at which point I use my phone to trigger a spaztic alarm sound (and turn off all cameras and recorders), and enter the home. Once we're alone inside, I grab the paper out of the briefcase and ask them to sign it, at which point I grab their arm, twist them into a choke hold and slit their throat with the paper, then write a faulty note on the paper from the victim saying that they needed a break and were driving to a vacation destination, at which point I steal their wallet and car.

Man, that was fun Big Grin
Next person, enjoy an iPhone.
08-11-2012 03:14 AM
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Berry Offline
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RE: The Versatile Assassin
[Image: 141125_slide.gif?v=1]

Fireballs...Thats all i got
(This post was last modified: 08-16-2012 01:09 PM by Berry.)
08-11-2012 04:13 AM
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RE: The Versatile Assassin
Ahhh yeah, iPhone it is.

I follow my target for a long time and make sure that at one point, he has a phone on him. Since I followed his every movements and looked at/listen to everything he does, I know his phone number.

Using my talent of making different style of voices, I then call him and say I'm a sexy chick and that I fell for him. I say that if he wants to have "Fun", he can come to the old alley way where no one goes.

Of course, he was so happy, he went to the alley in a hurry. As he arrived at his destination, I was hiding behind a trash can. Since he can't find the woman that called him, he calls the number that the woman used. As I respond to the call, I only say "Look behind you." The victim then looks behind him, wondering what's happening.

I then come out of my hiding spot and throw my iPhone at the back of his head so hard, he dies (True Story). I then take his wallet and leave the body there.

Now, next guy... you will need to kill the victim... with a vibrator.
08-11-2012 04:50 AM
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