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Create our own story thread.
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RE: Create our own story thread.
Alex's heart was now in his throat, and he came unbearably close to vomiting.

"Ale--..ic--..zzrt--....." A fizzy transmission erupted in Alex's mind.

His stress levels were raising, harming the capabilities of the nanomachines in his body. There's no way he can understand Nina like this.

After the broadcast, the gunman turned around and started to bark orders to the others, they carried some cloaked employees out, but the barbaric brutes clearly didn't have communication applications installed.

"A--Alex, Can you h--hear me?" Nina struggled to speak to Alex.

"Yea, yea, let me calm down," he took a deep breath, "Can you think now?" he thought.

"Yes, I'm processing your thoughts alot faster." she relayed "as for now, I need you to kick the gentleman in front of you in the back of the right ankle. Moderate force, no more, no less, my scans have noticed a slight fracture there that occured 5 days ago, blunt trauma, he did not seek medical attention until--."

"Ok, Gotcha...Moderate force...Moderate force..." Alex spoke to himself. He lifted his right leg up off the ground and pulled it back a short distance. "...moderate force..." he muttered.

His foot accelerated forward and made contact with the gunman's ankle. The gunman leaned down to grab it,

"Son of a--!" he exclaimed,

almost simultaneously the CEO lept up, elbowed him in the throat, grabbed his gun, and opened fire on all the unsuspecting terrorists with incredible precision, all headshots, the bodies hit the ground at the same time.

Alex's jaw dropped, as he almost devoured the cloth over his mouth, clearly in awe at the speed in which this happened.

The CEO collected a knife from one of the bodies.

An awkward feeling filled the room as he walked over to Alex

"Well Slacker, do you plan on sitting here and feasting on that cloth? Stand up and let me cut those ties, son."

Alex did as told, he removed the cloth and looked around the room, blood drops stained the once all-white, slowly regenerating, nanite walls of the conference room. He turned his focus to the three main branch dispatches, they clearly were not suprised by The CEO's feat.

"Where's Stacey?" Alex asked.

He thought the sudden events caused him to lose sight of his co-worker.

"Not here," The CEO responded as he was cutting everyone else's ties,

He then approached Alex and exclaimed "Nina, you in there?" as he jokingly knocked on Alex's head.

"Why yes, sir." She spoke.

"I need you to stay with Slacker, I have business to attend to." The CEO looked towards the employees and three dispatches then gestured to the access door. "Let's go everyone."

"Stacey..." Alex thought.

"She hasn't been harmed." Nina stated...
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