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Hey, Who turned out the lights?
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Hey, Who turned out the lights?
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Hey, Who turned out the lights?
In Fallout New Vegas there is an enemy called the Y-17 trauma override harness. the suit was designed to make sure that the person inside would go back to the base he was stationed at in case he would be unable to himself due to injuries to his legs.

However this suit has some problems, it doesn't know if the user dies or not, and if it doesn't have a home base, it will walk forever until it's given one, and since the people inside were killed during the war, the suits have no idea that they are dead, and will walk the Big MT until they are killed themselves.

Anyhow, if the player has a special perk called Wild Wasteland they can find odd and out of place things in the game, and when fighting this enemy you will sometimes hear them say "Hey, Who turned out the lights?"

This is a quote from a Doctor Who episode "Silence in the Library" in which the Doctor went and found some researchers who has special suits, the suits had a special function in which it would keep the user alive after it died through a link called "ghost data", and could make them speak by retaining their consciousness to speak words, one of the first who died would repeat the words "Who turned out the lights" since the lights inside his visor were turned off.

Scene of the Doctor Who episode

Also I remembered this after watching the new DW episode that was shown about an hour ago.

Also sorry about the bad explanation, you just need to know this enemy was referencing Doctor Who.
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