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Did you know Mario Galaxy2?
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Did you know Mario Galaxy2?
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Did you know Mario Galaxy2?
[Image: 55229.jpg?v=1]
In Super Mario Galaxy 2, if you switch to first-person view in the Shiverburn Galaxy and look in a certain direction, you can see shadowy figures standing at the edge of the galaxy. Anywhere you go on that level, if you look up and to the left, they'll always be there. You can't come any closer. You never meet those "people," and nobody in the game ever mentions them. So this is basically a video game version of the Slender Man urban legend. Fans have already started seeing them in other levels, writing fan fiction stories about them and speculating on what they could be: Local villagers (that is to say, aliens) watching Mario from afar? Those weird-looking giants from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask? Well, somebody got curious and started sifting through the actual files of the game. And this is where things get really messed up. Turns out the sky pattern for that area is called "BeyondHellValley." "Hell Valley" isn't the name of that level, or any level in Mario Galaxy. It doesn't even sound like something you'd find in a Mario game. As for the shapes themselves? They're called "HellValleySkyTree." See attached photo and video.

07-03-2012 12:40 PM
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