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Is there anyone that would be interested in them? I mean like text based RPG's. It's kind of like the Create Our Own Story thread in the General Discussion, only everyone would control their own separate characters.

Here's an example from a Walking Dead RPG I used to be a part of:


Liam sped down the highway, swerving between wrecked cars and a mixed assortment of dead bodies and dead walkers, on his practically mint Harley. He had swiped it from a guy back in Chicago. Poor sap didn't even hear the walker coming. He probably could have saved him, but it would have caused him more trouble with having to off him himself. Besides, he got the sweet ride out of it. But that was months ago, and that was still weighing in on his conscious. Why the hell hadn't he forgotten about it yet. Those were normal world problems, and this was anything but a normal world. The was a world ravaged by monstrous, hell-bound, creatures who feed on the living making more and more until there was no more. They'd taken everything he'd ever loved from him. His mom. His dad. His girl... That was a painful one. But he learned to cope with the fact that nothing was forever. Speaking of coping, this was a chance to practice his favorite method. He slowed his bike down to an idle and shut it down. He took his machete from his back where it hung from a leather strap he attached to it. Just up ahead was a walker. He snuck up to it as quietly as possible and, to his surprise, it didn't notice him. He held the machete backwards and put the blade to the walker's throat, hold the end of the blade with his left hand. It swung madly at him, foaming at the mouth with fury.
"Go to hell." Liam practically spit into it's ear.
He yanked the blade toward him and through the walker's throat. It decapitated with much resistance, causing the head to roll and bounce on the ground. Liam went back to his Hog and went down the highway into the city of Atlanta.

So, it would be quality narrative and story telling. Would anyone actually go for this kind of thing and stick with it, like posting as often as possible when in a situation with another character as to not make the other person's character static? A good example of a good RPG forum is It's a popular WWE forum site that I used to visit. Most of their RPG's are wrestling ones, but there are a few original ideas. Here's a link to it if you'd like to see what it's all about:

(07-04-2012 04:49 PM)SERIOUSLY THOUGH Wrote:  Here is my seal of approval for this idea. Take it and use it Big Grin

This message is SERIOUSLY THOUGH approved!
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07-02-2012 02:48 PM
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