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When the Devil is too busy...
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RE: When the Devil is too busy...
(07-05-2012 05:40 PM)Melirune Wrote:  Where silver laughter once echoed
Where golden sun once shone
Once children meek and mellow
Now bones long gone

Humanity explored too deep
Humanity unearthed what slept
Tendrils of fetid wretchedness did creep
Mothers fell and wept

For aeons did slumber
For centuries did hide
Now woken once again felt hunger
Fathers knelt and cried

Come creeping darkness
Come fettering grip
Eyes lifeless and heartless
Did watch hope slowly slip

Cold was as is ice
Cold was as is death
Woe be, as the human race will suffice
Unfathomable horror will force their last breath

No God left to save them
No words left for prayer
Wretched screams from the mouth of men
Bred from hatred and despair

None left to lament
None left to face the doom
All life destroyed in an unholy event
Gave way to the rise of Melirune

Where you may believe you can hide
I will find you in the deepest crevace
For decades I would bide
So that I could meet crime face to face

You think you can hide from me?
You can try to outsmart my eyes,
Just for you, my eyes will see
All of your wrong doings and lies.

If you want to run you'd better run fleetingly
With Holmes on your tail, you'd better be fast
You can try to play out your little crimes sparingly
Have the fun you can while it lasts.

Because Holmes sees all.
And he knows where you are.
So don't think you're safe in that closet at the end of the hall.
Cause you dropped your wallet, outside the door.
07-05-2012 06:08 PM
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