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Epic Pokemon Battle stories
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Epic Pokemon Battle stories
Just because a lot of us probably have them, what's your favorite Pokemon battle story?

I'll start:
Also so you guys know, I'm only 16 at the moment, so please keep that in mind date-wise and don't try to sexually harass me over the internet. I'm looking at you Berry.

That being said, this was in 2007, so at the time I was about 10 or 11, fun stuff.

Anyways, when Pokemon Battle Revolution was coming out, a lot of Gamestops were having Diamond/Pearl tournaments where you'd come and wirelessly battle in a tournament with Battle Revolution in a Colliseum-esque tourny. Also at the time, I had absolutely no idea what IVs, EVs or natures were, so I was going in pretty naive. My friend who came with me lost on round one, and I barley made it. After that, I had a showdown with some girl whose name I forgot, and both of our teams had a Mewtwo in them (who is evidently banned in official tournaments unbeknownst to us), and she was the one who moments ago defeated my buddy, so I'm charging in ready for revenge.

I forgot what happened in the beginning, but somehow it got down to Full-Health Mewtwo vs. Full-Health Mewtwo. I still remember the day before my friend kept telling me to take of Shadow Ball and replace it with Energy ball, but I insisted on keeping it the way it was. My opponent, unfortunately, was not so wise, and she ended up having to go for the Energy ball as I retaliated with a super-effective Shadow ball, and the dozen of people who were still there clapped for me as I finished her off with another, for once my pokemon battle felt genuinely epic, as overused as that word is.

After that I cleaned up until I went up against some larger guy with his finest neckbeard equipped who JUST SO HAPPENED to have caught a shiny Kyogre and shiny Groundon with great EVs that my team couldn't touch. Thankfully, he said he already bought the game, so he let take the First place prize of it while he got a T-Shirt, nice guy.
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