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I need feedback:D
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RE: I need feedback:D
(01-20-2013 11:24 AM)Lazarus Wrote:  What are some games that you think would be good to play?

Games you like to play and are really good at playing. A game where you can spend a whole playthrough talking about the mechanics, changes made during development, personal experiences (That are interesting enough for someone else to hear), and crack some jokes along the way. It helps to pick a game that hasn't come out within a month or so. Pick a game that you played, but most of your friends have never heard of themselves.

The point of doing a Let's play is to show the game off through your skillful gameplay and interesting commentary. To be able to say, "Here's a game I think is awesome, and I'm gonna show you just how cool it is."

Here's a prime example:(Taken from Chipcheezum's MGS3 LP)

For the sake of this example, skip to 16:00.

Read on when you're done

As you can see from playing through that one section over and over again Chip was able to show off fun ways to taking out guards, and at the same time explaining some of the game's sneaking/CQC mechanics.

To put it simply, if you want to entertain people by playing a game and talking over it you need to plan it out and put time into each of your videos. This isn't just about doing something as a job, it's about doing something that you can look back on and be proud of, or you could do whats treading and make 300K subscribers; pumping out 5 videos a day without much regard to quality control!!

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01-20-2013 12:08 PM
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