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I need feedback:D
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RE: I need feedback:D
(01-20-2013 10:22 AM)Arjahn Wrote:  HARSH CRITICISM MODE: ENGAGED
Yeah I gotta agree with Lightmatt on this one, as far as people screaming at a screen go (and who in their right mind would do that) , you're about as good as they get, but it gets old after the first couple of screams.
Try being more diverse in your games, and don't just be another mindless Youtube sap screaming at videogames, we've got plenty of those. Try actually talking about the games and mechanics, or if nothing else at least your opinions or something, you need to give your viewers something other than noise pollution.
I'm not trying to be a disheartening ass hole or anything, I definitely see potential, but I think my previously stated points are valid. Good luck in the long haul, I'll be watching.

YeahBig Grin thanks! Im really working on being funnier(without yelling) and Im not going to JUST play scary games. If I did, I would NOT end up like Pewdiepie. All I want is to entertain peopleBig Grin What are some games that you think would be good to play?
01-20-2013 11:24 AM
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