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RE: Create our own story thread. - Berry - 02-13-2013 08:16 AM

*Reverts to third person perspective*

Dr.Light has shake his head,for the patient has gone crazy and confused.One must think of the patient living in another world. Dr.Light was scared by it's frantic paranoia and yelling out complete nonsense. For if Dr.Light doesn't find a way to help this sick child. Fortunately,he asked the aid of Dr.Wily.Dr.Wily enters the room and talks to Dr.Light

"i don't know what the child is thinking or what might occur if were to release him back as cured.Our colleagues are thinking of.." said Dr.Wily but was interrupted short by Dr.Light.

"No we must not,he may have a fighting chance, just give it sometime" Though Dr.Light was wary on the matter.

End of Chapter 2.Now begins Chapter 3

RE: Create our own story thread. - CosmykTheDolfyn - 02-17-2013 11:04 AM

The young, sinewy Rhett pulled his body up over the trees to get a better look of the city. He was incredibly strong, and looked like a teenage version of an action hero. Of course, he might just actually be that. He looked out on the distant city, where the rich people with their robots, cars and never ending supply of wild gadgets live. He chewed slowly on his apple, wishing to just to pay the fare into the utopia of his dreams. But, the danger was breaking out of the glass dome, and he would soon find himself...