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Secret of Mana and a certain joke - Ginkaze - 01-09-2013 05:48 AM


I remembered these days, that there was a scene in The Secret of Mana, where the hero was captured by cannibals and cooked. But before he was "ready to eat", the cannibals had a reason to leave the fireplace and the heroine helped him to escape.

The point of writing this: I still know, what reason they had - but only the german version. Claude Moyse (you already know him), couldn't translate the english joke into german, so he let the so called "goblins" shout

"Hey, schnell! Die LINDENSTRASSE fängt gleich an!" (Hey, hurry! The LINDENSTRASSE will start soon!)

Lindenstraße is the title of one of germany's oldest soap operas. So it was as surprising as it was funny to read the title of this TV-show in a game from Japan.

At the time of the release of SoM I also read in a magazine, that all other languages had different "reasons" for the goblins to leave their food alone. And I have no idea, what jokes were inplemented in the other languages nor how to find them in languages I don't speak.

At least I thought it would be a funny DYK, but I don't can finish it without help. Sad So, when you think, it's worth a DYK, help to finish it, but if it has no potential to got ever posted, you can ignore it n.n'

RE: Secret of Mana and a certain joke - SERIOUSLY THOUGH - 01-09-2013 07:22 AM

As far as I know, the joke is only in the German version.

In the English version, they just go dancing
[Image: dislodged4.gif]

The French websites make reference to it, but don't make an allusion to a joke or anything interesting about the dialog so I'd assume there isn't

RE: Secret of Mana and a certain joke - Ginkaze - 01-15-2013 04:20 AM

Okay, thanks! n.n
Then I will post only the german version Smile