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Welcome to the former forums for DidYouKnowGaming?! In March of 2013, VGFacts was launched and this community was merged into the new forums there. These forums were originally taken offline at that time but I brought them back as an archive while transferring sites to the new server. Registrations and all interaction (posting, editing, moderation, etc.) are disabled but everything can still be read. If you're interested in joining the community, head on over to https://www.vgfacts.com/forums/ and join there but I've always thought it was important to preserve a site's roots so these forums will forever be available in this read-only state. Enjoy!

Favorite Pokemon Generation?
Kanto 33.33%
7Soul, Alex, Arjahn, Berry, bler182, Chomp, Cookiez, damerdar, DiscoNinja, dop, Failer1337, Floobersman, iKMoX, Imp', Jayboeman, Melirune, Metal, Painkiller, Skarro, SoapNukeZ, Xannidel, Yadomi jinta, Zombieoflife3
23 33.33%
Johto 26.09%
Aizuke, Bunk, DidYouKnowGaming, funkymonkey613, Lasien, Mass Distraction, Nicknclank, Nuudoru, Ouberry_13, PikaPikari, SERIOUSLY THOUGH, Skallagrim, SpikeYoAzz, Super Hero #5, TheMark, TheRealJDawgz, tokki, Wowzers
18 26.09%
Hoenn 21.74%
Andy, BumblebeeCody, cshortey, FaulknerPawnch, Ghost Nappa, God, Instacover, monkeybull223, PEWPEWPIKACHU, pie, Red, retrolinkx, Rezerp, ThatOneFriendlyNerd, Zaliphone
15 21.74%
Sinnoh 10.14%
Amaterasu, Frupurai, Jest3r, Kai, Millisec, Sabrina, SoulReaperGenesis
7 10.14%
Unova 4.35%
Cinna, Scormac, Sparky
3 4.35%
Orre (Gamecube games) 4.35%
Kat, RecklessNinetales, W4rt0rtl3
3 4.35%
Total: 69 vote(s) 100%