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Full Version: Round one... FIGHT
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Bruce Lee vs Muhammad Ali?

And you have to say WHY who you think would win would win. Then pose your own vs question. Feel free to include fictional characters, animals... whatever.
Bruce Lee, because he is the total package, doing far more than punch. He would run circles around Ali and be able to dodge anything the heavyweight could actually throw at him.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao


(08-04-2012 12:15 PM)philliphourglass Wrote: [ -> ]Mayweather vs Pacquiao

They'd stab each other and both die.

Grizzly bear vs Jackie Chan?
Jackie Chan because Dragons > Bears.

Frodo or Chewbacca?
Chewbacca, he would tear Frodo's little bitch arms right off.

The Powerpuff Girls or a Redead?
Powerpuff girls, CHEMICAL X IS OP.

Bear Grylls vs Grizzly Bear?
Isn't that a race to see which one would each other first?
Will Bear Grylls would win anyway.

A mirror or a spoon?
The mirror. Even if the spoon wins, it gets 7 years of bad luck.

Thor VS Superman?
Thor because he's from space and could just mosey on over to Krypton and grab some Kryptonite and shove it in Superman's face.

Mewtwo or a Blue Eyes White Dragon?
BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON since Kaiba overly attached to it.

Optimus Prime vs. Hulk?
The Hulk. If he can beat the shit out of Loki and some giant alien thing, I don't think Optimus Prime would be a problem.

Nyan Cat or Cthulu.
Chtulu. There's no way that a rainbow-pooping pop-tart-cat can beat an octopus monster.

Kirby vs. Alduin.
Kirby can just get his ability and defeat him. This better be in a Super Smash Bros. game.

Professor Oak vs. Professor Birch?
Professor Oak would school dat biatch biarch.
Pikachu vs. Harry Potter?
Harry is not Hermione, so I don't think he knows a spell to protect himself from a lightning strike. Win goes to Pikachu!

Now, Ganon vs. Bowser!
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