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Full Version: Chinese as**ole messes with Dota 2 localization
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As some of you might know, Valve created in 2010 the Steam Translation Server, the volunteer translation groups that localize Steam, Valve's games and even some third party games (AirMech and Super Monday Night Combat).

But since it's a volunteer job by gamers and fans, and not an in-house work, Valve sometimes relies on them to get the job done. But not everybody is to be relied on.

Valve called Dota 1's translators to help with Dota 2, and, it seems, they had "special powers" that let them approve strings they translated themselves.

Then the trouble starts. Read this thread on Steam Forums:


Summarizing: this guy called HippoVic was invited by Valve to translate Dota 2, because he helped translate Dota 1. He forbids everyone to translate Dota 2, making himself the only responsible. He translates absolutely nothing. One guy who was unaware of this "prohibition" (he didn't really have the authority to do that) starts translating the game by his own. HippoVic starts working on the game when he discovers that Secret Shop rewarded translators for finishing the translations in a set time. HippoVic claimed that he's the responsible for all the translation, and the real translation only kindly helped him out (by translating 90% of it, all right). And worse: he sold the keys IceFrog himself gave him to give to other translators to get IN-GAME DOTA 2 ITEMS!!!

As a moderator in Brazilian STS, this really pissed me off. We always do our best to make everything go well and, at least for us, the little feedback we receive is almost always negative. Brazilians prefer to play in English rather than in Portuguese, and it makes no sense to me. And this chinese guy just makes it a lot worse, by making us look like a bunch of corrupt lazy leechers who only care for whatever Valve has to offer. It's disgusting!

Another thing that bothered me in this thread was the moderator commenting that selling beta keys that were meant to translators handed happened in all the other groups. It certainly did not happen in my group (and, although some of us got dota 2 keys very early, me included, we don't actually even have any dota 1 translator with us).

I don't know what's to happen now. This guy deserves at least to be banned from Steam.

Edit: It seems they deleted the thread, so it looks like they don't want it to spread. If the information above is a "leak", I hope I don't get in trouble if someone in STS finds out about this thread.
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