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The company that develop and publish the games Harvest Moon are
[Image: 64602-harvest-moon-snes-screenshot-natsu...-logos.png]

However in Harvest Moon 64, they spelled their own name wrong on the title screen.
[Image: HarvestMoon64Usnap0027.jpg]
Natsume: "Haha whoops."

[Image: brainproblems.png]

(More like Serious Dumbâ„¢, amirite)
(07-30-2012 05:23 PM)Dr. Toreibo Wrote: [ -> ](More like Serious Dumbâ„¢, amirite)

[Image: bi_in_fo_laughing_gif_by_kuro_kokoro-d4zdga6.gif]

The guy who was responsible for that ONE line must be feeling kinda foolish
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