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Full Version: The Admiration Game.
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Just cause we all want to hear about our good qualities.
Each person must admire something about the member above them.
I'll let you guys kick it off, and I'll hop in there with ya.
Now, begin the warm fuzzy feelings!
I admire the fact that you like Bioshock enough to put a quote in your sig, Muchios respect!
(07-25-2012 05:21 AM)DHXIII Wrote: [ -> ]I admire the fact that you like Bioshock enough to put a quote in your sig, Muchios respect!

Well sir, seeing as I haven't admired anyone yet. I admire your ability to create something for someone you don't even know, and not only that it was free of charge. You sir, are a fine old chap.

EDIT: Ignore this post btw, someone else admire ole DH here. I've already got my admiration!
I admire the fact that DHXIII admires your sig Holmes!
(unoriginal post is terribly unoriginal)
I admire Xannidel's sense of humour and general good spirit on these forums.
Also dat gif
I like that SERIOUSLY THOUGH can pull off that nick and avatar at the same time.
I admire SERIOUSLY THOUGH's good looks, I fapped like a madman Tongue
Also his avatar <3!

I admire Nuu's good taste in games and anime!
I admire this forum's user's sense of humor. I often find myself laughing here. Usually I don't in other forums.
I admire the fact that YOU ARE HOLLYWOOD

Because who wouldn't want to be hollywood

and you are blessed with being such

you are a great human being Skarro
I admire that mega is very calm person and speaks the truth.
I admire Mr.Katana for for having a signature too large for it to be seen correctly unless you scroll down so that it can be seen and see what the name of the signature is about because it leave suspense then you scroll down and see what it is like the Internet motivationals . *breathe*.
I admire Bumblebee for having an avatar that's completely unrelated to his name.
I admire Arjahn for being a lvl 99 chicken, that grind must have been a bitch.
I admire Xannidel for succeeding at life and being both a wizard AND a gentleman. *claps*
I admire Zaliphone having an admirable quote from the greatest person in history.
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