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So me being a Final Fantasy 8 fan, LOVE theories about the game and "what if..." stories but this theory I read really made me think about something at the end of the 1st CD.


First off here is the site that I referring much of my info.

At the end of the 1st CD, we see Squall, Rinoa and Irvine face off against the Sorceress. A cutscene shows her throwing a huge shard of ice into Squall's chest (maybe to the side) and he then falls off the float. The next CD shows him not only alive but showing zero wounds from what had happened. AND THAT IS IT! There will be zero mentioning of the wound or anything.

"Apparently Squall’s healthy and good-to-go. It is never again referenced directly in the entire game, nor is it ever explained what happened to his wound or how he survived. And remember, a piece of ice half as long as Squall himself went through his chest and came out the other side. This is no mere scratch that is so carelessly tossed aside. Most players seem to assume that Edea healed Squall to full health for the purpose of interrogation, but why would she? Seifer knows that Squall is no great captain from Balamb Garden. He’s no more privy to top secret information than are the other three. If Edea wanted to know more about SeeD, she should be interrogating Quistis, who’s been a SeeD for three years and who has been teaching SeeDs for one year. Squall has been a SeeD for all of two weeks. Why go through all the effort of killing him just to bring him to full health when he’s obviously a threat to her?"

The site I linked goes into greater detail about the theory of Squall is dead and what not but I wanted to hear your opinion on the theory.
I feel that this is a question that's gonna open a whole other can of questions
Well I don't know how many other people in here liked Final Fantasy 8 so I am hoping this will start something fun without too much fanboyism coming into effect.
I dunno if I'd ever consider that there was actually any competent writing involved when it came to FF8, much like the ending to ME3
So to have Squall randomly wake up and it never being referenced again is just that amazing writing ability. finding a random ship in space when they're about to die.

I haven't read the entire thing through yet but gotta appreciate the fans for coming up with some great theories.

Edit: I thought it was much longer but I didn't take into account that the comments take up most of the page.
Yeah, awesome stuff though I doubt it was actually that well written.
I love VIII, but the story really has its inconsistencies. This is a very interesting theory - one I never thought about. It's wild how fan theories will sometimes make more sense than the accepted interpretations. I like it.

Also, I am going to have to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again now.
My mind is blown... Everything I know is a lie XD Interesting theory but I just don't want to believe in it, gonna mess up my mind.
Here's another theory. When asked to name Squall's Griever, whatever you name it, when Ultimecia summons her own GF, its name is the same as whatever you called the Griever. Didn't give it a name? It will just be called Griever. Many people think this means Ultimecia is Rinoa from the future/alternate timeline.
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