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Hello everyone, my name is Laura and I'm from BR BR HEUHEUHEUHEUE(English is not my native language, sorry if I misspell or write something confusing). I like to play both new and "old" games, I've still got my SNES (although I rather emulate SNES games) and my Nintendo 64. I also have a Nintendo DS and a Wii, but I do not see myself as a Nintendist neither I'm going to defend Nintendo with "all my strenght" 'cause that's really stupid(I had a PS2 but I sold it to buy the Wii).

My favourite game ever is Earthbound.

That's all, folks.
Hello and welcome the forum. You're from "BR BR HEUHEUHEUHEUE"?
However you English is very good.
I also love SNES games and Earthbound is freaking scary!
(06-27-2012 02:39 AM)ellipsis Wrote: [ -> ]Hello and welcome the forum. You're from "BR BR HEUHEUHEUHEUE"?
That's Brazil. It was a joke, people who play MMO usually complain about the way Brazilians behave in online games. There's a comic about it:

btw HEUHEUE is our "hahaha".
Oh, hehe. I never knew that.
I'm sure I'll see you around Smile
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