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Full Version: The haiku thread.
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Some people just parked
Their car on our property
I wrote an ired note
I know how you feel hambre
Write it with your key
If they do return
I'll get my hammer and play
Songs of my people
Just got back from town
A note was left on my car
Who could it have been?
Get off my lawn, bro !
Come back and I will unleash
A thousand hammers
That was terrible
You should go eat your big toes
And ride a T-Rex
Is the cause of my return
screw all this homework
I like pony soup
It tastes a lot like Rainbows
Now I poop sunshine.
I' confused.
Why would you eat pony soup?
Your poop is shiny.
I don't understand
What has happened in this thread.
I'll leave you alone
We are strange people
But don't leave us TheDevl
enjoy the haikus!
United Kingdom
I thought there was only rain
why is it so hot
I like poney poop
It makes me feel so happy
Fecal Emotion
That haiku was quite
Nay, totally disturbing.
I have seen worse though.
Devl is right, yo,
But internet rules that we,
will see even worse.
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