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Full Version: Do you pirate?
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Gotta be VERY precise with me around otherwise I will take things pretty literal around here.
If I'm not sure about a movie, then yes. If it's good enough, I'll buy a copy. I already have too many movies around here so I try to limit myself. Then, of course, there are lots of lost classics and animations that are nearly impossible to get on a VHS/DVD/Bluray around here.

For music, all the time, as I can't be bothered to pay for one song or for a cd that has the one song I like. I do buy music occasionally but it's very rare.

As for games, never. If I want a game, I buy a game. Simple as that.

Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die~
I have never, ever pirated/download a rom of a videogame, and you know why?!! BECAUSE..
is completly wrong in any meaning of the world and theres no debate.. You just cant argue it!! IS WRONG!!! DEAL WITH IT
If you have pirated even once... You deserved death penalty... Simple as that....
If you want to get a retro game that is overpriced, THEN SAVE UP!!!

But In all seriousness.... I have to admit i've pirated Maybe once or twice... ... . Ok.. Maybe more than that, but if i can buy it, i will, i nor support or am against pirating....
That reminds me, I lied a bit. I don't pirate any games that I can actually get my hands on but I do have thousands of ROMs of old NES and Sega games, mostly because if you want even one around here you'd better be ready to pay over 50€ for it. No, I'm not talking about any rare ones, that's the price of a regular NES cartridge. The rare ones go for hundreds.

Anything older than that? Well, I certainly hope you are a millionaire.
[Image: Freeshipping-DaPeng-New-Mobile-Phone-T88...Credit.jpg]

I bought this Chinese gaming phone as a "backup" and found out it has a lot of Sega Mega Drive 2 (and arcade only) games in it. You have a button for coin insertion and all. It's pretty great and I tend to play on it from time to time.

On my PC I prefer to play free games (like F.E.A.R. combat for example)

My view on piracy isn't all black and white. For example, I myself can't remember when I downloaded music the last time, a couple of years for sure... That being said, I see a huge difference in somebody leaching/downloading a tune from Rhianna and/or Justin Bieber and from say some amazing (genre is just an example) Progressive House/Chillstep producer that is trying to make a living and does everything on his own, invests a lot of money in his own equipment, spends a lot of time making his music etc, etc, etc...

That being said, a lot depends on financial ability of people... There are a lot of places in the world where people work for pennies and have entire families to feed... They simply can't afford to buy art, no matter if it is in the form of music, games, movies or anything else...

I can also understand if somebody downloaded something to check if he likes it-and then if he does, he buys it legally, and if he doesn't, just deletes it... That is okay IMO too.

What's not okay is that a person likes and wants something, has money, agrees that the price is right (not obviously overpriced), can EASILY afford it, but doesn't give a damn...! He just takes and takes and takes and doesn't care anything about anything...
I pirate, but only in "inevitably" occasions, like a serie everyone starts to talk about in the internet but hasn't been released in my country yet. Or if the taxes are too high(some products here cost almost twice what they should due to excessive importation taxes). But, generally, I rather buy the original stuff than pirate it.
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