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Full Version: Do you own any factory sealed games?
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I only own one, which is Halo Reach.

It's odd, but in 50 years that baby would be worth about £200.

(07-11-2012 02:34 PM)retrolinkx Wrote: [ -> ]I only own one, which is Halo Reach.

It's odd, but in 50 years that baby would be worth about £200.


F-zero the original. and some hockey game for saturn
Metroid Prime, (Had two copies.) Killer Instinct Snes, Some quit smoking game for DS.


I realize there is a certain collectability to games and whatnot, but titles that get a ton of pressings and runs like Halo: Reach I cannot imagine being worth a lot of money in the future. It would be games that didn't get a wide release, or "non-greatest hits" versions of classics like a Final Fantasy game on PS1 that rake in money. =/

With that said the only factory sealed game I have (that comes to mind) is Rollcage 2 for PS1.
Wizards & Warriors II: Ironsword
Chrono Trigger (scored this for a pretty low price too)

I have a few others somewhere, nothing too stellar though.
Dragon Quest VI for DS.

Soon I will break it and play it!
Pokemon Blue, Ocarina of Time N64(But version 1.2), Gold Majoras Mask and Nintendo 3DS Zelda edition console and game. I spent all of last month trying to obtain a Zelda Wind Waker factory sealed but it's insanely high in price.
Naughty Bear
I own a couple games that are still in shrink wrap. They're both old computer games from the 90s. One is Hyper Blade and the other one is Cyber Gladiators.

I got the at a yards sale for a dollar. I never opened them, because I thought they may be worth some money. Sadly, I was mistaken.
I still have a copy of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped sealed. It's worth some pretty pennies now but I'll hold onto it for a few more years.
I just bought Mortal Kombat Deception(ps2) my first sealed game for a decent price, i plan on getting all the mk games for ps2 sealed aswell as a few snes games but i r poor atm soo it'll be atleast a month or so until i have some spare money to get some goodies.
Warioland II for the GBC but that's because I was given two copies for christmas - What an awesome game
Phantasy Star Portable 2, mainly because I got two copies for free. I also have a sealed Sonic Generations Collectors Edition.
But games are for playing?
(07-17-2012 05:59 PM)Tajasaurus Wrote: [ -> ]But games are for playing?

Collecting too Heart
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