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i am a big fan of dubstep and have been for nearly 10 years but started to fade away after skrillex and the sort came along and raped it.
then i realised there are other forms of music out there.
so post what you really like at the moment.
there already is a thread for that und you postet the same video T_T
maybe i will...

but nice meme btw ;)
thanks man
I'm loving trap right now.

Bong-Ra? ...Is he considered Breakcore? I dunno. That's what I've been listening to lately though.

I love this song Tongue

(06-26-2012 05:27 PM)Scormac Wrote: [ -> ]

I love this song Tongue

i havent heard this song in a very long, cool choice.

[Image: yeah-fuck-yeah.gif]
I've been listening to video game music way too much lately.


And this:

Other forms of music, you say?

Well, there's Techno Jazz, Electroswing, Bagpipe Techno, JPop Metal, Horrorcore, Horror Rock and something made with a VIC-20.

If none of that stuff hit the spot, you could always listen to something Mainstream.
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