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What's the last game you've beaten? I just finished OoT for the first time a few days ago. Very fun, but I still like MM better.
Not sure if it counts but The Binding of Issac (still missing Platinum God and the newer achievements)
Otherwise it was Sly 2 on the HD collection.
Final Fantasy 6, every time I play it I love it even more Big Grin
If I'm correct, the last game I beat was Pokemon Yellow, doing a Nuzlocke run of it
A "Hard Mode" hack of Pokemon Red.
Gosh, let's see. The last one I've actually beat is Tales of Graces f. I've been spending most of my time since then playing binding of Isaac, Pokemon, and other games you never really "beat".
I Am Alive. its a good game,
Wind waker.
Beat it 3 hours ago xD
Beat Persona 3 about a week ago and should be finishing up Persona 4 within the next week!
ghouls n ghosts
Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I've been meaning to start Justine but I am way too scared.
I just recently played Pokémon Blue again, with an emulator on my phone.
Super Street fighter 2 turbo I believe.
Borderlands..... for the 7th time... What? I can't wait for 2
the binding of isaac for the third time and saint's row the third
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