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Even great games have annoying, stupid or otherwise unnecessary required features or gameplay things that just seem to annoy you (e.g. Random crits, healing bosses, random battles, etc.)
When a boss gets incredibly harder than the others and requires you to grin for hours to just barely have a chance to defeat it. Oh and bad/low checkpoints.


Timed-button cutscenes.

It's a game, not a DVD menu.
Tutorial levels when the game is a rehash of another (such as most major sports games and FPS).

Like really, the controls for Medal of Honor haven't changed much since 1999. I'm pretty sure I know how to crouch. Stop treating gamers like children who can't figure anything out.
QTE's. Oh god, the QTE's. They're so unneeded.

Also, any time I'm forced to use a character I don't like. Like in an rpg, where I only level up a few good characters, only to have one boss force me to use the one person I never leveled.
Games that only allow you to save an allocated amount of times per level. If you've used up your saves, you have to complete the rest of it in one go.
Devs not knowing where to put checkpoints.

I have seen this in too many games.

Let's say I'm playing a game where you have to kill 50 enemies in a small room, that has infinite spawns, run to an objective that is 400 meters away, being bombarded by fire, the ally's are staying back doing nothing, and then when I get within reach of the place I'm supposed to go, I die.

I dislike this very much.
Forced tutorials.

It's like the gamedeveloper expected on one to ever replay the game.

Let's not even begin with unskippable cutscenes before a difficult boss battle.
(07-08-2012 08:13 PM)Nuudoru Wrote: [ -> ]Let's not even begin with unskippable cutscenes before a difficult boss battle.

I agree with that. If I die, its like the game is mocking me.
(07-08-2012 08:13 PM)Nuudoru Wrote: [ -> ]Let's not even begin with unskippable cutscenes before a difficult boss battle.

Ever fight Maleficent in Kingdom Hearts? Insanely powerful boss, and if you die you have to watch a two minute unskipable cutscene all over again. Every. Single. Time.
Penance in FFX is insanely hard. Speedrunning the boss is considered to be within' the 30 minute range...

Zelda Skyward Sword: Fi (I really hate this character)
Zelda Skyward Sword: Motion+
Resident Evil 4: Ashley, at times, can be annoying. Especially if you're trying to run past enemies so she decided to duck and not move
Resident Evil 1&2 (@ SERIOUSLY THOUGH): Ink Ribbons!
Fighting games: Comeback mechanics (X-factor(!), Gems....)
JapaneseRPG: Generic Angsty Teenage characters who lack emotion like a Kristen Stewart film
Dead Rising 1: Dumbarse survivors

In general
Bad Checkpoints, horrible loading times, crap AI, game-breaking bugs (causing you to restart over), uskippable cutscenes, plot holes and I can't think of anymore right now.

I'm gonna have to go with the unskippable cut scenes on this one. Just infuriating at times
Quick, shock button mashers.
Example: In WaW, a Jap Soldier jumps at you with a bayonette and it expects you to have lightning fast reflexes to quickly mash the anolog stick to the ground.


(07-09-2012 12:15 AM)BumblebeeCody Wrote: [ -> ]Dead Rising 1: Dumbarse survivors

I will never forget the feeling of anger and frustration I felt when I was leading survivors through a store, smashed the windows to take a no-zombie shortcut, and the survivors all tried to run out the front of the store, through a horde of zombies instead, to meet up with me. Retards.
Gimmicky Items (I'm looking at you, Twilight Princess). Why bother making some awesome idea like the Spinner if you are gonna make it useless outside of it's dungeon? It doesn't even work as transportation.
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