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What do you think makes the most sense as a collectible powerup? Like in old-school games you find some chicken on the floor and it somehow heals you.
Probably the Spiderball from Metroid. Like a spider it allows you Morphball climb on certain surfaces and stick to 'em.
Fire flower man, you start with that plant and anyyyyyyyything can happen dude...
Mainly weapons that enemies drop.
You can pick them up and use them which makes a good deal of sense

What I never understood was how the enemies always seemed to have infinite ammo, then when you pick up the gun, it's like "sup bro, you got 3 bullets left k?"
I have to go with the Hyoi Pear from Wind Waker. Yes it was mostly pointless but come on you get to fly around as a seagull for all the time you want. It was fun as hell!
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