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Castlevania, although it didn't became a RPG until the release of SOTN.
I like Final Fantasy VI,Phantasy Star IV,Breath Of Fire II,but Chrono Trigger is still the best for me.
Wild Arms hands down for me. It was the first real rpg I played and to this day it has stayed my favorite. I even have all the music on my mp3 player to listen to while I work.
Final Fantasy 1,2,4,5,7,8,9,10
Mass effect

Still... nothing can beat Final Fantasy VII and it's story + epic music...

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic. The game was fantastically done, with tremendous plot twists at the end of the game. The game has two endings, but for an original X-BOX game, that was alot.
Kingdom Hearts 2, there was no down side to that game. (Except the Gummi Ship section) legendary.
Well, I'd have to say, my two favorite rpg series are the Disgaea and Persona series. Disgaea, for the gameplay and humor of the story, and Persona for the dark, mysterious story.
I don't know what it is about these two series, but they have my favorite rpg's in them, so I love both series.
Amg i forgot the mother series rpg's 0.o
So many different RPGS to consider.
I think this is my favourite RPG though
Fallout 2 :An RPG with a very different approach and much heavier than normal JRPGs (less than 2 Mother and the case of rape intergalactic O_O) I do not think much about action rpgs with normal rpgs, lately discovered Persona 3, and is an excellent RPG. = D

I love Castlevania SOTN and FFT. =D

Xenogears too. =D
I never got to experience Chrono Trigger, but FF7, being the first RPG I played (I was flippin' 6 or 7 when I started with it!), it will always be my favorite. Now for something random...
[Image: FFVII-Chocobo.jpg]
Disgaea 2, no doubt about that. I friggin' love those games and that one was my absolute favorite, in addition to being the first one of the series I got.
Gothic.The very first RPG I've ever played,the one that I liked the most.I had some good times playing that.Star Wars: KOTOR was also a very good game,at the same level of Gothic.Can't say which one of the I like the most.And there are also others...
The original Paper Mario was incredible and by far the best game on the N64, in my humble opinion
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