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Full Version: Can I make a turntable room dedicated to DYKG?
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For those of you that don't know what turntable is, it's a music program. Where you get up and DJ songs for others to hear. I want to make a room where you play video game music. Is that cool with you guys? Would you guys come and play some music with me?
Maybe, I have some good Zelda Dubstep I could play, and the orchestral stuff you get with LoZ: SS, and then some Pokemon stuff.
I just made it...
If there are any objections from the authority I will shut it down.
I warn you now, there will be a lot of LOZ:MM music.
Well, I joined, you know that, haha
I will be on for a good amount of time. Pretty much anytime that I have the computer to myself.
I would like to join! If I can. I worked on a few things on my own. I've done The Song of Storms, Zelda's Lullaby, Lost Woods, A couple of Halo series music, and Mario series music. I always start them with normal instruments. Y'know, violin, guitar, cello, bass, bleh. Then it turns into dubstep. So, yeah. Just giving an example of what I know to do. I'm thinking of putting them on YouTube.
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