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Full Version: Hi my name is CFMM and I love trivia.
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Stuff from this site gets posted to reddit pretty often so I figured I'd check it out. Nice to see it's not just "another tumblr blog".

I like trivia and easter eggs and I think this is a cool place to kick around. I'll dig up some facts of my own and submit them sometime. Smile

As for who I am an entertainer. I write and stuff, and don't make a lot of money doing so.
Nice to meet you, I'm Fearless,

The Court Jester. Smile

Welcome to the forum friend.


Wotcha fellah. It's a fun forum to kick around in. Hope you enjoy it as much as me.


Actually I lied everyone, my real name is CFMM. *gasp*

I wasn't thinking when I joined and decided I would prefer to have a more personal name than just the label I use for media.

Thank you, DYKG, for changing it!
Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to the party!
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